EU PSN Update - 31/08/07

There seems to finally be an update on the EU Playstation Network, although a day later than usual. Don't get too excited there. As of time of writing the update includes:

Colin McRae: Dirt (Demo)
Jed Ashforth Interview (Video)
All the Kings Men (Blu-ray Trailer)

As you have noticed there isn't even a sign of the latest Heavenly Sword video's, so hopefully I've caught it in the middle of an update.

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masterg4066d ago

Looks like I will be visiting the US store instead. Already have this stuff from my US account.

mighty_douche4066d ago

been waiting to try that for a while! hope the download aint to big tho or it'll eat into my warhawk pwnage!!

Rama262854066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

The Dirt Demo is around 572MB, which isn't bad for a Demo these days...

Rama262854066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

It's around 14:50 BST and we still haven't had any other update. Wow, we've been well and truly shafted this week...

Come on Sony, why are you making us pay the most for the PS3 and then giving us the least? Surely we should be getting the same as other stores such as the US?

Keowrath4066d ago

Just goes to show one thing that stays the same from generation to generation, UK/EU always gets shafted!