Haze Exclusive Video has posted a new exclusive video of Haze.

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medziarz4071d ago

the game is beginning to gain some shape

cloud3604070d ago

woow i thought this game will sucks since it FPS. its allright


No that score is excellent for an FPS

natsfan74071d ago

While it doesn't look like any thing to special, it is shaping up to be a decent game. Im not overly impressed with the graphics, but the gameplay looks cool. this still coming to the 360??? I like to play it, but its not like if it dosen't come to the 360 that Im going to run out and buy PS3 (I might wait to see how MGS4 looks before I even consider to buy a 360).

Captain Tuttle4070d ago

The knife is a cool feature...looks pretty well done.

HandShandy4070d ago

It seems that free radical are trying desperately to promote this game in the sense that they have OUTGROWN their previous attitude of run-n-gun from timesplitters games.

I don't see any fault with the graphics in the game... the textures are fine, it's well lit and well animated. I've perhaps seen something better but the game looks playable to say the least.

How come the overdosed nectar guys don't attack the player?

This game should be a scorcher on Co-Op mode looks like the kinda game that can offer well structured firefights and gun battles. So many games have decended into the poor (only 3 enemies on the screen at once) kinda thing and are all about taking cover and tactics and stuff it's good to see gungho attitude making a come back.

It's not playstation's Halo and I think free radical know that aswell but it will be worthy alternative to what's on offer on the Xbox360... and it's about time PS3 had something like that.

I remain highly doubtful that PSN and Ubisoft can make this game work online as they did an apawling job of Vegas. wtf is with the Peer2peer nonsense, isn't that a really outdated system now?

Hopefully the game will run on steady dedicated SONY servers

JPomper4070d ago

Hey look it's the same f#cking level we keep seeing over and over again.

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The story is too old to be commented.