Someone has GT5. Claims to be uploading videos as we speak.

Everything PS: We are currently nearly exploding with excitement right here. CZ over at GTPlanet claims to have the game and is in the process of uploading some images and videos for us. The info and proof is through that link and back a few pages so look for yourself. We’ll download the video when it’s up to be sure as well as post it here so stay tuned!

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scar204703d ago

Is thier anything better than GTS and this.

Masamori Sumimura4703d ago

Damn! I dont understand Spanish BUt AYO THAT ASS IS FAT SON!!!! Banging.

Orion4703d ago

¡¡Que no me entere que ese culito pasa hambre!! :P

Da One4703d ago

all in my lap, lol she has a wonderful ass.

This is why you have to expand your horizons and go to other countries kids.......if only for the women

ExplosionSauce4703d ago

[On-topic now]
I really don't want to watch these vids when they're up.
Don't want to spoil the experience! :O

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4703d ago

culo = butt
nalga = butt cheek

and her culo is alright.

evrfighter4703d ago

"Don't want to spoil the experience! :O "

ShinMaster4703d ago

Troll away evrfighter, troll away.

OneSneakyMofo4703d ago

Who eats pizza with a knife and fork?

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Solid_Snakeps34703d ago

EEE pendejo stop looking at my mom

Hell-Helghast4703d ago

wow 4 people don't like nalgas.

jwatt4703d ago

"Due to extremely high traffic levels and server loads, this section of the site is temporarily closed to registered GTPlanet members only. Log in below or create your free account now."

morkendo234703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

im sure it'll be on youtube soon enough before end of the day.


scar20 that backside sure look YUMMY Ooo AH!!

EvilBlackCat4703d ago ShowReplies(8)
gunnerforlife4703d ago

if this was on the 360 or pc i can promise this would be pirated straight aways

Ducky4703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

So, you'd be the one pirating it or what?

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Perkel4703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

GTPLANET DIED ! It's real people

update :

CZ(member) will try to upload and thread Gametrailers forums to decreese steam from GTPLANET servers

Ps_alm3k4703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

their site just got bomb!!!!!

MaximusPrime4703d ago

i checked too. i cant get in. damn that site is way too popular. :P

Theonik4703d ago

GT Planet got troll'd big time.

STONEY44703d ago

Lawl, that dude trolled everyone. Just look at the thread.

Ilikegames764703d ago

members at GTPlanet are calling CZ a troll and a fake. I don't know, we should give him/her a chance to prove himself/herself.

poindat4703d ago

He WAS a troll, there is no need to give him a chance. He provided no proof to back up his claims other than some shoddy looking Czech auction. He has signed out of GTPlanet and will likely never be seen again. He was a fake.

Don't get your hopes up; wait for official news instead.

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sinncross4703d ago

I want to knwo if there are ai bots in s player split screen mode.

im gonna jam online but my bro likes racing against me sometimes but 1v1 can be a little lame.

-Alpha4703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

Am I the only one suspecting Sony will drop GT5 any minute? I mean, quite literally they may say "It comes out tomorrow"

That'd get people going like crazy