Gran Turismo 5 Official front and back Box Art

Thanks to a recent copy being actioned by a Czech reviewer, it has been leaked the final complete front and back box art of Gran Turismo 5.


Screenshot of the first person in the world playing Gran Turismo 5 to suppport the story.

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darkcharizard4705d ago

Does anyone here think that GT5 will outsell Halo??

ajcastillo4705d ago

I dont know why, but i think it will but in terms of global sales in the STATES dont think so but adding Europe and Japan it will.

sdtarm4705d ago

Its comin guyzz its comin and you KNOW IT!


Sackdude4705d ago

Look what have you done, you pissed the MS/halo lovers!

Red_Orange_Juice4705d ago (Edited 4705d ago )

O hope so

"exciting 16 player online" Why the stickers?, WHYYYYY???

Information Minister4704d ago

@ Red_Orange_Juice:
Unfortunately those stickers are quite common in the PAL territories. SCEE did the exact same thing with Uncharted 2 and not even God of War III escaped that fate, despite having no online (it had a hideous sticker stating that it was fully translated in several languages).

Raf1k14704d ago

'global sales in the STATES' eh?

Cevapi884704d ago

way to skew the guys comment, there should be a comma between global sales And in the STATES, if you read the whole comment its easy to see it, but your selective choosing of the comment was pointless

sigfredod4704d ago

the number in regions sales isn't as important as the global figure

SasanovaS19874704d ago

nowhere on the cover or back of it does it say NASCAR or RALLY in big font...i mean...why waste an opportunity to expose yourself to brauder audiences who dont hang on the internet, but just happen to skim over shelves for a game they want...i can totally see some american redneck getting nascar 2011 instead of GT5, without realizing what he has done...its pretty sad

AAACE54704d ago

I get a feeling GT 5 will come out in the first week of December! I know they don't want to come out so close to NFS: HP, because gamers might go after that. GT 5 will be great, but there are NFS fans who have been waiting for another good NFS game for a while.

@Darkcharizard... Resorting to a racing game to try to dethrone Halo huh? Just get over it! GT 5 will sell well, but over the years racing, fighting, rpg, adventure games have all took a hit in sales. The need for those games have slowed in recent years due to the rise of the FPS!

NOTE: Quit comparing everything to Halo and other high selling games... makes you look desperate! Just be happy with the sales a game does get.

Dee_914704d ago

it maybe because nascar isnt ver big in EU
the US prob have a different box art

im guessing this is an EU Box art because it have the eu playstation website on the back

colombiankilla014704d ago

Does anybody knows if the Toyota x-runner is gonna be in the game?,I have an 08 model and I love it, and I want to drive it and tune it in the game!!!

Boody-Bandit4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

NFS wont even cause a wrinkle in GT5 sales and you are grossly under estimating the GT series if you honestly believe it will. Gran Turismo is a game that fans of the series will play for months, sometimes years. They spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, and in extreme cases even 10's of thousands of dollars just to play it. No other console game has this "type" of dedicated and crazed fans.

NFS is a fun arcade racer that most will grab a controller and blow through it in a few days to a couple weeks and then you're done with it. Some will play it for extended periods of time but they are the minority.

But what would I know? I have only played nearly every racer to conclusion on both the 360 and PS3 this generation.

Not that any of it matters to me because I am a gamer. I play games. I will leave the sales to fanboys, trolls and share holders.

On topic:
PD would you please once and for all put me out of my misery and announce a stone cold date for each region already?

bnaked4704d ago

Still rumours..

It's just one italian site! No other site has that info, so calm down and wait for a date from Sony!

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OmarsAccount4705d ago

People have been waiting almost 6 years for GT5, so its possible. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Halo outnumbers it in sales. Either way, who cares? As long as its a good game, and theres enough people to play online for much time to come, I couldn't care less.

OT: That boxart is sexy.

-Alpha4705d ago (Edited 4705d ago )

It's a sexy boxart except for the stupid "Exciting 16 player online" logo on the front.

Hoping that's a sticker.

I want to see the US boxart

DigitalRaptor4704d ago

Not a sticker. Those things never are!

ExplosionSauce4704d ago

Same here. I hope that's not permanent.

Blacktric4705d ago

It won't. Not because it's not a good game, but because its a racing simulator (and the best one that is). Not every gamer likes racing games let alone heavy simulations like GT5. It'll be a great game, but I (unfortunately) doubt it will outsell Halo: Reach. The best thing to do is wait and see though.

-Alpha4705d ago (Edited 4705d ago )

See, this is what I think too-- how does a racing sim have this much popularity?

But the numbers speak for themselves. I'm not a fan of the genre but there is a wide appeal for it. The Prologue alone got 5 million in sales. Correct me if I'm wrong but no Halo game has outsold Gran Turismo (?)

Shooters are the bigger genre this gen for sure, and I don't know if it will outsell Halo, but it's the strongest title to do so and the possibility is interesting to see develop.

I am hoping to see a strong marketing campaign-- KB ads, standalone ads, etc.

dead_eye4705d ago

16-80 year old males get to drive the cars of their dreams that's why.

rrw4705d ago

well Gran Turismo is playstation flagship title. basicly is like comparing it with nintendo mario. it simply long running franchise with devoted fanbase and popularity

acedoh4704d ago

driving your dream cars. It's about racing your own car. That is what gives this game so much appeal. Unlike other racing games where you just race with cars you will probably never own GT let's you race with cars you can go buy. Also the career formula gives this game so much wide appeal.

DigitalRaptor4704d ago

The thing is, it so much deserves the GOTY title, for the pure dedication and craftsmanship that has gone into the game, alone.

But there's some sort of tag on the genre of racing that will most probably prevent it from receiving that title.

People underestimate the scope and depth of Gran Turismo. If people are looking at GT5 Prologue as some sort of indication of what the final product will be like then they are sorely mistaken.

I don't even get the "Prologue was a $40 demo" comments. It's nothing like what GT5 is currently.

stevenhiggster4704d ago

It's mainly because GT5 doesn't just appeal to gamers it appeals to anyone who is a petrol head. I know loads of people who are getting this who aren't really gamers but are crazy about cars and happen to own a PS3 :-)

ExplosionSauce4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

The thing that makes Gran Turismo catchier than most sims(PC sims) is that it has a ton of features and options, as well as a lengthy career mode and doesn't just focus on the driving alone. I.e. I really like LiveForSpeed, but I don't think I would spend too many hours on it each time.
Idk, it's just the whole feel of each game.
That's pretty much how GT easily made a name for itself.

Odin7774704d ago

I wonder if they'll let you drive a Ford Probe. I drive that piece of crap everyday, it'd be interesting to drive it in GT5.

Aceluffy4704d ago

Lol, I'm almost in the same boat as you
Only I drive KIA Spectra everyday
Does GT5 even has KIA ?

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rrw4705d ago

well, averagely main gran turismo series is sold about 10 million. halos sold 8 million, so yes

acedoh4704d ago

will do well over 10 million in it's lifetime. This game attracts many people who don't even play games.