GC07: 9 minutes of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune gameplay

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is back with these long and gigantic gameplay video filmed last week at the Game Convention.

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TheMART4092d ago

The only game this year that is exclusive on the PS3 that is really interesting.

A good contender for AAA! Props to this one. Seems a good mix between Tombraider & Indiana Jones. Lets hope they get the controls right. No Lair story please.

mighty_douche4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

theMART giving a positive ps3 comment, guess you must have already had your daily wank over your xbox!

edit @ The_Round_Peg, mate LBP is 100% early-mid 2008, maybe just maybe a beta this year, everyone cross their fingers please!

ktchong4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

I would say LittleBigPlanet is another strong contender... if it is still on track to come out this year at around Christmas.

ShiftyLookingCow4092d ago

dont forget Ratchet, Insomniac always makes fun games. downloading video now

masterg4092d ago

Ratched & Clank is my top choice this year.
But of course this is a must buy also.

Never though I´d see a semi possitive PS3 comment from theMart. Did your 360 finaly die? LOL

MrSwede4092d ago

Is that a peace treaty offer to the PS3 camp TheMart? Either way I´ll give you a bubble for a good comment.

DixieNormS4092d ago

Are all the freakin enemies CLONES of each other or what. Same green tank top and yellow bandana? WTF?

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MikeGdaGod4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

y'all see him shootin while hangin off the rock! crazy

this game is gonna make some people change heart

Vojkan4092d ago

Same part all over again. Why people say "new" when we have seen this part of the game, few months ago, actually when it was first time shown during Sony gamers Day

MK_Red4092d ago

Every time I see this game in motion, I'm more interested in it and way more excited. Naughty Dog is at it again to create another classic for Playstation family.

RageofReaper4092d ago

sick of seeing the same bit. and the enemy animations when they get shot are poor and dont make sense, and apparently been shot in the face with an Ak47 DOESNT mean certain death, only falling to your knees for a second and then been ok.

camera looks like a pain occasionally, and im not convinced with the close quarter fighting. the jungle (this could just be me) looks very static, the foliage seems lifeless.

hopefully this is an early build, im guessing so seen as it looks like the one they've been showing for months now

mighty_douche4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

some people are never happy are they! for one, any gun shoot in your face would mean death but that wouldnt make for a good game would it if everyone, include you only took one shot to die, look at GOW, being a big guy like marcus doesnt mean you can take a whole clip in the back while lossing about 50 pints of blood, then all your mate has to do is rub your back and your back to full health! but that still an amazing game right?
this game is gonna be great, most 'next-gen' titles just use washed out colours and this is really gonna look nice on a good HDTV, its gonna be nice to just have a FUN game to play!

edit @ RageofReaper... you you have a look around and READ, you'll find that everything that you complained about has been already noted by the developers and will be changed before the final built...

crunchie1014092d ago

I actually agree with RageofReaper. As much as I'm looking forward to this game, there are still some major things left to work on

I get the feeling it was too easy when the damage you dealt was realistic, so they just ramped up the amount of hits the enemy could take. Still, the cover system looks very tight.

Also, I hope there will be some variety in the enemies. Is it me or do they all look exactly the same? Come on naughty dog. I know you can do it.

RageofReaper4092d ago

i was just saying, it looked abit stupid, having a bunch of hard hat wearing miners (or whatever they may be) toting heavy weaponry getting shot in the face and not going down. for a game that looks to be using realistic physics and environments ect, i just found it abit frustrating, as someone who really wants this game to turn out well. i just struck me as a little lazy. but like i said, hopefully this is the early build and hasnt been fully polished and tweaked

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