Analyze This: Are Game Publishers Late To The (Wii and DS) Game?

In the latest 'Analyze This' feature, Gamasutra asked notable game analysts from IDC, Wedbush Morgan and GamerMetrics to name the publishers have capitalized the best - and fared the worst - following the swift rise of Nintendo's Wii and DS consoles to the top of the game hardware charts.

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MK_Red4071d ago

I actually thinks publishers are too fast on jumping to Wii/DS wagon. Ubi already has all the [insert-creature-name]+Z games and now their 3 girl dream games. Other publisher always release a DS version of their games for DS. Assassin's Creed and Spore for DS!? I never thought it would be possible.
And on Wii, there are a ton of childish or party mini-games from each publisher along with the Wii version of every PS2 and PSP game.

BloodySinner4071d ago

Third party Wii titles aren't selling. Nintendo's games sell on the system.