Norwegian "Call of Duty: Black Ops" Review

Entertainment monster "Call of Duty" rises again with "Black Ops" - an intense action-party added to the Cold War.

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PS3_lifer3603d ago

here's the translated version. (don't worry it loads quickly)

Ezetta3603d ago

Thank you! Edited it now.

lugia 40003603d ago

What is that? No thanks, ill wait for the IGN one.

Nitrowolf23603d ago

yeah that is something i don't understand how does that translate?
would 12 be a perfect thus making the score 8/12 which is about 66%???

scar203603d ago

Not every company gives in to bribes you know.

Echo3073603d ago

And not every gamer is dumb enough to think that high scores for a popular game must mean bribery.

scar203603d ago

@echo307 obviously you did not read a article they had recently about a company not wanting a bribe to give cod a good score.

Echo3073603d ago

Re-read your original comment. "Not EVERY company gives in to bribes."

One Company=every company?

And I'd love to see this article you're talking about. I keep up with gaming news pretty well and have heard nothing about it. If it had ANY credibility, it would've been all over the web.

So please, send a link.

Shackdaddy8363603d ago

Dont wait for the IGN one. They are really biased towards COD. You should find some other reviewer like G4 or gamespot.

Kos-Mos3602d ago

g4? Laugh of the day. Haha. Yuk yuk.

oldjadedgamer3602d ago

Why wait for a review? If you like the COD series, I bet you get this game.

If you think they are milking the series/Treyarch is nothing of IW/etc, then you wont get it.

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Prcko3602d ago

gonna save money for something better

IrishYamato3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Would that "something better" happen to be Killzone 3?.

Acquiescence3602d ago

will be GT5, Epic Mickey, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and The Sly Collection. I am done with FPS's and I am double done with Activision.

Ezetta3602d ago

Yeah, submited this shortly after that one, so just ignore this one!

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