Dragon Age 2: 5 Minutes of Pure Gameplay Footage Emerged

Brand new gameplay footage of Dragon Age 2 from the Igromir Expo 2010. The video shows the battle system and pure gameplay.

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RedDead2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Thank you, website is full of pop ups and shi*

Edit---good old Mage tactic, run, spell, run some more. 70% of the time, it works every time

joydestroy2993d ago

hahaha yep that's exactly what i was thinking while watching, runnnn! =)
game looks good so far though. def picking up the second one

irepbtown2993d ago

I'm still playing Dragon Age Origins lol.
I've nearly completed it though, done everything except the Dalish, then i'm off to Denerim.

Anyway, Looks brilliant.

kancerkid2993d ago

Game looks like it have been simplified immensely so that the battle system is useable on consoles. I never played the first one but watching my roomate play it, well it looked clunky to say the least.

In this video I do not see the player controlling their AI partners AT ALL. Maybe you can do something with them, and these demo'ers did not know how to use it much yet, but this does not bode well for people who want this to be as old school as the original was.

I do however have faith in Bioware, even after the Mass Effect 2 simplification debacle, so I should not base my opinion of this game on 5 minutes of demo gameplay.

By the way, the environments look awesome. Dark fantasy FTW.

evrfighter2992d ago

ummmm someone put the wrong video up. This is dynasty warriors =\

ThanatosDMC2992d ago

Yeah, they made it into a brawler type game instead of an rpg tactics game. He didnt even pause the game once during combat.

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jeseth2993d ago

Thanks for the link, the site in the article is filled with popups and crap.

2993d ago
maniac762993d ago

im dign the new gameplay,i didnt really get into the first one,but will try it again at some point,i like the action of the new dragons age

Neckbear2993d ago

This gameplay is designed by people like you- who couldn't get even the most basic of RPGs!

...C'mon, BioWare.

EditorAtGNG2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Not to be as harsh as the poster above since many people do enjoy simplistic and user friendly game interfaces (and combat mechanics), I still have to point out that dumbing down an RPG in order to appeal to the more "hack-o slash-o, button mash-o" audience is kinda disrespectful from Bioware's part. Sure, it is their ip and they can do whatever they feel like (in order to rank up sales, etc) but taken the overall complexity out of a genre that has been defined by it is just plain disrespect for that same genre that made them so popular.

PS: Not to be confused with simply bashing this new idea. I do agree that the system needed some fines in order to be more pleasurable to use, but dumping it completely and starting over with a hack&slash is something too drastic for an RPG.

soundslike2993d ago

RIP Bioware

you had a long run, but couldn't resist the noobs in your focus test groups...

dragonelite2993d ago

Don't know i think the player in this video is just playing like a button smasher i have seen videos where they really go tactical switching between characters placing rogue types behind the enemies and stuff.

HolyOrangeCows2993d ago

"This gameplay is designed by people like you- who couldn't get even the most basic of RPGs!"

I see some people prefer games where the character stands in place and slices their sword automatically every 14 seconds. Exciting stuff.

TheIneffableBob2993d ago

At least that requires some thinking unlike running around mashing buttons.

ECM0NEY2992d ago

I didnt buy Dragon Age at launch. I heard it was pretty good from a few my friends and friends on live so i decided to give it a try. I played for like 4 hours and i just couldnt get into it. The combat is so slow and boring. Some of my favorite games were the KOTORs and the DAO combat still felt slow. Maybe Im just over the turn based stuff but Dragon Age 2 looks much more fun then the original.

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10thnightvolley2993d ago

loving this... surely right up my list now

Galaxia2993d ago

I really love Bioware, but what they are doing with this dumbing down is illogical.

Look at their sales for all their AAA games and you will notice something. That something is Mass Effect 2 is their smallest selling game ever. And Dragon Age 1 is their biggest ever. KOTOR and Mass Effect 1 also sold far higher than ME2.

So why on earth ME2erize DA2?! It defies logic!

I was quite annoyed when I heard you now cannot change your party members armor anymore. I loved doing that in DAO and in ME1, I spent hours customizing and mix/matching different armors in those games. ME2 felt empty without it. Don't get me wrong, ME2 is a good game, just not a good Bioware game.

wedgie2993d ago

could you tell me where you heard that about the armor? Because that would suck.

Neckbear2993d ago

Jade Empire: Hack 'n' Slash Dragon Age Edition?


unicronic2993d ago

DA:O was excellent but the combat system needs a renovation. The old click on enemy run up to him and auto-hack n slash is tired.

It's looks like combo attacks may take place which would be refreshing.

That being said as long as it doesn't go Dynasty Warriors style it should be fine.

TheIneffableBob2993d ago

I don't see how it's tired if a big-budget game with that style of gameplay hasn't been done in 10 years.

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