VG.no: Call of Duty: Black Ops review (single player)

Vg.no writes (please note: rated on a scale from 1 being bad to 6 being excellent):
"It's not exactly a secret that I have a somewhat strained relationship with the game company Treyarch. As the creator of the games "Spider-Man 3" ( diceroll 2 ), "Call of Duty 3" ( diceroll 3 ), "Quantum of Solace" ( diceroll 3 ) and "Call of Duty: World at War" ( diceroll 3 ) they threw away tens of hours of my life.

After all the noise with the show's creator, Infinity Ward, now rests the responsibility for one of gaming's strongest and most popular series on Treyarch's shoulders. And they have grown with the task.

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belal4978d ago

i am from norway but almost all the time they are wrong about a game, when they say its a 6, it's usually a 3/4, if they say it's a 3 or 4 it's usually a 6. so in my opinion the game is an 9.2, been playing this game for a while. finished singleplayer and played some online.

hakis864978d ago

How did you get the game? =O

Red_Orange_Juice4977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

9.2? really how do you come up with 9 POINT 2, why not .1 or .3, just curious

captain-obvious4977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

well im in the 5th mission already and let me tell you the SP is just good
its not excellent and at the same its not boring or stupid

and the AI is dumb as fuck and some times badguys come out of nowhere

they just popup in front of you
and one time an enemy popped right next to me and shot me to death

the graphics sucks when you just look too much at something but overall they look ok

zombies are fun i'll tell you that
and the MP is not yet online
i give the single player an 7.5 so far
i wont give my overall score until i finish the game, play MP and more zombies

and the single player starts really slow but it gets better as you go on
and there is just too much going on at the same time on the screen
and there are alot of times where you just shoot and blow things up as if you were Rambo
there is a stupid cut scene that plays every time you quite the single player
and you have to wait for another loading when you startup the MP
so yes in order to get to MP you have to go through 2 loading screens and the MP feels like a different game with a different screen and layout and all

ASTAROTH4977d ago

You forget that the multiplayer maps looks boring as hell with lots of camping spots. Also they looked similar to the ones at World at War. The single player doesnt have bad graphics. In fact it looks better than MW2 but the Single player is boring... so boring that I havent finish it yet and I dont feel motivated to do it. Also ... I dont know if Ive been spoiled by how awesome the sounds are in BC2 and Medal of Honor but the sounds in Black Ops... specially the guns sounds very weak in comparison. I like to know if reviewers are going to be as harsh with BO as they were with Medal of Honor. Medal of Honor faults were really overexagerated by the Media and that was a shame...because (even if anybody will ever admitt it) the campaing, graphics and Sound are better than this. The multiplayer is more satisfying too. As I said The media is like a whore... ALWAYS where the money is at..

RevXM4977d ago

Er fail, Gamereactor sine anmeldere er mye bedre i bunn og grunn.

Btw Im interested in WHY you give the game 9.1.

SuperM4977d ago

Actually i find Norwegian reviews to be more trustworthy because they dont stamp a 9/10 on every hyped game. I have yet to see a game given a 3 or 4 that has deserved a 6, and the games that have been given a 6 is usually pretty damn good.

TOO PAWNED4977d ago

gamereactor gave Uncharted 2 8/10, not sure i agree with you or them.

TooTall194977d ago

yeah that game was more like a 7

n4gno4977d ago

nice try troll :))

11/10 for the best game of the year, but also of the century for most of reviewers and players.

psman0124977d ago

Who the hell reviews on a scale of 6?

SephireX4977d ago

How many seconds in a minute?

kingteekej4977d ago

Dices have 6 "eyes", and if you view the site you will see that they use a dice to view the score.

RedDragan4976d ago

Cats have 6 lives and then another 3 in reserve should they be needed. They can apply two lives at the same time to become SuperKat, however if they die they lose both of those lives.

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Ducky4977d ago

There appears to be some loss in the knees.

... interesting.

Downtown boogey4977d ago

Haven't you seen the game play vids? The knees are definitely lacking!

bananasNmonkeys4977d ago

The game will no doubt get 9's but wait a few months and like MW2 expect mods, hacks, glitches and exploits.

-Alpha4977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

Well that's not the reviewer's fault if the game gets hacked down the road. Reviews tend to review the SP and basics of MP only.

A big game like COD will be subject to the small community of hackers and glitchers to spread their virus to the whole community.

However, it is up to Treyarch to lay the law down and stay on top of things. IW was too slow. Their "big patch" that was supposed to fix commando and stuff actually got canceled.

Treyarch has the theater mode to catch basic cheaters, and an in-game report system. Hopefully they get serious to issuing bans and mods. People deserve to be reset for boosting, cheaters should get banned for a week, constant offenders should get banned for longer, and exploiters, hackers, etc. should be banned forever.

Bungie are the prime example of devs who know how to keep the crap at a minimum. I think Valve does the same for TF2 from what I hear

AKA4977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

it was and is more broken then SOCOM CONFRONTATION,
but the reviewers give one game 6's and the other game 9's know tell me who is whats wrong in that picture?
COD is very over hyped and MW2 6's out off 10 and thats been nice.
MW1 a 8.2 out off 10.
you sheep love and thats ok i love SOCOM CON a 7 out off 10 for me but is not ok to defend and not accept that the game is not that great overall and is only great for the few non hardcore.
''fun '' game for sure but overrated and that alone take the fun away for me and many others...

360nPS3rTheSAME4977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

how does other people's high opinion of a game take away the fun you have with it? I don't understand that

DeviateFish4977d ago

I think this review is fairly spot on. The reviewer's scores on previous games have been fairly consistent with my own thoughts on the same games.

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