Fils-Aime Sets Eyes on Market Expansion

Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime says that the Nintendo Wii will expand the console market the same way the DS expanded the handheld market, as Microsoft and Sony "go down the same path."

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ChickeyCantor5386d ago

I'd much rather have the consumer buy a Wii, some accessories, and a ton of games, vs. buying any of my competitor's products."

uuuuuuuuuuu reggie heheh just dont become like sony en xbox. XD

kinda cool though he got some balls.

andy capps5386d ago

Sounds pretty arrogant to me. By thinking that because they lead the handheld market (which is without question), he thinks that they can continue the trend of releasing underpowered gaming platforms that have an innovative control scheme and continue to dominate. He may actually be right that they may win, but I honestly hope for the sake of us gamers that their formula is not successful. I do not want to play games that look the same as the last generation, but have a new control scheme. It's not worth it to me. But for people like my wife, who is not a gamer, their strategy may work.

Imagine what would have happened in PC gaming if 10 years ago everyone had said, ooh, we have this new control scheme that is so much better than yours so we're going to stick with integrated graphics and Pentium 1 processors (I forget where the technology was then). Forget the whole advancement of technology thing, we're going to release games for the next five years that look pretty much the same as the last five years, but you're going to like it because we have a new control scheme and we're telling you that it's innovative.

ChickeyCantor5386d ago

there are things missing in your head, nintendo wants evry one to game.

so what profit will a old woman will have with a complicated controller we have these days what profit does someone has if they dont understand anything about rendering ?

its not about the GFX its about the gameplay, and i really dont understand why you are afraid, when there is still xbox and ps3.

nintendo is NEW-gen not next-gen remember that, you cant compare nintendo with the others so you shouldnt even care about its gfx you shouldnt care about the controller, you should care about the games that will make use of the nintendo hardware. and trust me there will be quality games on the nintendo, like there always has been.

andy capps5386d ago

What would happen in the auto industry if it didn't advance technologically? You can take the above question and apply it to any industry. I can compare the Wii to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 as it is a video games machine. Where is the technological upgrade from the Gamecube? Nintendo is just trying to make this mass-market by making your average soccer mom enjoy it, just as she enjoys playing Java based games on Yahoo.

I'm sorry, Nintendo sickens me and I hope that they fail with gamers this time around. They may make the mass market enjoy the console, but I still hope that gamers don't buy into it as it will only encourage the competition to go this route and release systems that are gimmicky and not a significant upgrade from their predecessors. I know I'll have a lot of disagreements with my argument, but to each his own, I suppose.

andy capps5386d ago

It depends on if the third party support drops off as fast as it did for the Gamecube. They're definitely starting out strong, but only time will tell what will happen.

Witewunder5385d ago

Your argument about applying Nintendo's strategy to other industries is specious. Yes you can say that if the auto industry didn't advance technology then where would we be today? But at the same time, what if the auto industry just advanced a certain technology, let's say horsepower. We can remember the 70's when all car companies cared about was more power. Sound familiar? More power only gets you so far, you need to be more well rounded in all industries. Cars evolved technology with everything. Nintendo is evolving technology as well, they gave up on focusing on just more power.

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BIadestarX5386d ago

I like Nintendo and all; but if one thing keeps me from buying a nintendo it will be this guy. He looks like a child molester saying, "Hey kid do you want to play with my wii?, here touch it... It even vibrates.." he also talks a lot.

ChickeyCantor5386d ago

when sony or ms is talking like this they are telling all cool stuff?

BIadestarX5386d ago

I think you misinterpret me. I'm not trying to start a console war. Also, I would be completely ok if someone else at Nintendo would be saying that. I just don’t like the way he looks; I mean seriously look at this guy face! Would you leave your 4 year old kid with someone that looks like that? It is all about corporate image; he is the best Nintendo can come up with to market their product?

ChickeyCantor5386d ago

its about its innerside isnt it? cozz if you go on bashing his face XD lets not start about the looks of PS3 XD hahaha LOL XD *cant breath*

UNREAL-T5386d ago

This dude is crazy his trying to say wii is better than 360 and ps3. yeah righ keep dreaming!. i don't like this dude, he always talking [email protected]#$.

wakkiwakko5386d ago

How is ps3 or x360 better than the wii? Definitive points only, please. Don’t put down games cause that can be countered. The controller? It’s a choice of opinion, some might like it, some might hate it. Oh wait… graphics. The wii sucks because it has sh-t graphics. Correct? So… ps3 and x360 are mainly about graphics and expensiveness while wii is about gameplay and cheapness.

I see why the wii is total crap. It appeals to the every gamer, while ps3 and x360 appeal to those who want eye candy.

Just like how the PSP offered everything in the handheld market and people still went for the graphically inferior console. I see. While graphics cost money, experience is cheap and nobody likes cheap things.

wakkiwakko5386d ago

I wanted to say mostly appeal to those who want eye candy.

It was too late for me to edit. I, by no means, am stating that ps3 and x360 are aimed only for those who want graphics, but some really do. At the moment only thing driving the fame of the ps3 is not the impressive title list but the supposedly fluid life-like graphics.

I also said console instead of handheld. I apologize for the inconvenience.

ChickeyCantor5386d ago

MS says there console is the best
sony says there console is the best
so why cant nintendo do it?

atleast nintendo doesnt lie as other company's do

zypher5386d ago

i find it striking (and comical) that Fils-Aime would come out and diss Microsoft, especially after Peter Moore has all but bluntly asked consumers to purchase a Wii. if taken in a certain context, this can almost be a crushing blow to Microsoft's aims of leadership.

wakkiwakko5386d ago

Microsoft is running a race against Sony. MS told people to buy x360 and a Wii. Because he didn't want them to buy a Ps3. Simple as that. It was an insult to Nintendo. Not an endorsement.

By forcibly putting Nintendo side by side with the 360, Nintendo has become part of the wii60 generation, labeling it as the console to be next to the 360. Sony fans did not like that approach and they began to hate Wii as much as they've hated Xbox.

It’s up to the consumer to choose what to buy, not some two bit company that just wants market shares.