PlayStation Home gets voice chat

Sony has promised that "tons of cool stuff" will be coming to PlayStation Home as part of a new update next week - and revealed that voice chat will be reinstated.

Update Version 1.4 will hit on Thursday (November 11), and Sony claims that it will have an "enormous impact on [Home's] users and developers alike".

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MultiConsoleGamer4468d ago

HOME is the most under utilized feature on the PS3. It has tremendous potential to be a game changer but that potential is being squandered. As it stands how, HOME is nothing more than a glorified living advertisement / digital mall.

saint_john_paul_ii4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

its not fully integrated to the PSN. just imagine a Home with that Trophy room, or netflix/Hulu+ integration in your virtual Living room/your Personalized theater room. Lots of people will use it. or just imagine being able to join it with other people in a party in it, then jumping straight into a game.

as for advertising, companies are not even using it as much, because its not working well for them to promote their items there.

at the end of the day, they need to get the PS3 Firmware team and the Home team in the Same building so that they can collaborate ASAP

MeatPopsicle4468d ago

"Lots of people will use it."

Hilarious. 20 million Home users and you're tying to pretend like Sony somehow desperately needs your advice to get people to log into Home...

FragMnTagM4468d ago

Maybe I will use it more now.

@MeatPopsicle. Chill out man Pope is one of the biggest opinion pushers around here, but I do agree with him. It would be a great idea if the people that managed different aspects of features of the PS3 got together more often.

It is very obvious that everything about the PS3 was done by different teams as nothing really flows together too well.

Not hating, just pointing out that there is still room for improvement with the interface. I would gladly pay 50 bucks a year for Sony to improve their GUI. I am in a way, as I am a PSN+ subscriber.

MeatPopsicle4468d ago

"As it stands how, HOME is nothing more than a glorified living advertisement / digital mall."

Yes, that is why Home now has 20 million gamers logging into...

Home is an absolutely gigantic project that no other gaming company has anything remotely close to or likely ever will for years to come.

So please, give these inane Home rants a rest. They just make people look silly. You don't have this massive numbers of users logging into and using your service and have the massive flow of content from game developers and publishers unless you have an amazingly compelling service like Sony has with their massive success with Home.

k2d4468d ago

Stop being such a tool. I've visited Home after almost every update, yet I still have to conceed with MCG on this one. Don't come here saying 20 million people have visited Home more than 3 times since it's release, because there really isn't any reason to!

jizzyjones4468d ago

Needs more integrated music (its just too quiet)
More game's machines in the arcade (the 2 current offerings are so dated)
An overall speed bump
Better avatar's (think PS eye take a photo of your face)
MOVE SUPPORT which I think would be the most engaging (Think bowling/darts/mini golf/pool ect)
More in game unlockables that unlock stuff in HOME (Red dead was first to do it from what i gather)

If it could achieve this I think it would truely live up to potential as I think the hard bit is over.

TheMART4468d ago

lol @ 20 mln. users

How many of that 20 mln. make use of it on a regularly basis?

I logged in the last time I think when the E3 space was there. And it was dull.

Everyone I know (many also from N4G, well known users) don't log into home ever anymore. Haven't been there for months or even longer than a year.

I bet of those 20 mln. people just a small fraction 'uses' home on a regular basis.

MariaHelFutura4468d ago

I don`t use it much but lots do. Everytime I`m in there it`s packed and Sony keeps progressing w/ it so it must be working to some degree for them.

MeatPopsicle4468d ago

"How many of that 20 mln. make use of it on a regularly basis?"


Sony, as usual, only reports both active and unique users.

42+ million PS3s and all you need is a Net connection and a simple click on the Home icon in the XMB. Shouldn't surprise anyone Sony has such a gigantic number of people logging into Home. Nothing else like it exists on any other gaming platform.

And Sony manages to do it all without charging idiotic online fees for their console.

mindedone4468d ago

my Cole costume says hi.

Redempteur4468d ago

Pff [email protected] HOME haters ..

HOME has +1mil regulars users ...

And sony is improving it .. and new content ( space and games are coming on a regular basis ).

My only problem with home is that i want more slots for my characters ... BECAUSE i'm AN ACTIVE HOME USER ..!!

NegativeCreepWA4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

lol, how many times can you screw up the abbreviation for million?

NotSoSilentBob4467d ago


You are wrong in thinking RDR was the first with Home Unlockables. Street Fighter IV was the first that I know of.

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FACTUAL evidence4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

Kool and all but, they're more worried about chat in PSH, and we still don't have voice messagung on the XMB!? LQTM........Sony just don't get it....I just want my name change feature and voice messagung and I'm good.

@Jizzyjone Actually here are some of my games that unlocks home rewards, Tekken 6, batman AA, SF4, RE5, infamous. I have more but that's some i can think of.

@MariaHelFutura Keep thinking x game chat is nothing. Yeah I can just easily fone 2 of my friends in germany, and the other 2 in japam on my cell I'll fet that clan match set up /S....RIIIIIGHT. XGAME IS needed.

MariaHelFutura4467d ago

Why would you need X game chat to play a game w/ your clan. That so people don`t have clans on PS3 games cause their NO X game chat. Ok....BTW, I hope you make it to 2 bubbles one day then we can have a actual conversation.


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The Hunter4468d ago

We need Xross-Voice Chat!!!

MariaHelFutura4468d ago

Xgamechat is overrated anyone I want to talk to while playing a SP game.....I`ll use the phone. I would be nice, but it`s not needed. IMO, anyway.

MeatPopsicle4468d ago

It's the only bullet point Xbox fans can think to keep bringing up to try to justify the idiotic 60 dollar a year online fees they are forced to pay.

MariaHelFutura4468d ago

It`s not worth the 60 bucks that`s for sure.

pimpmaster4468d ago

@ MariaHelFutura shut up hypocrite.

The Hunter4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

LIVE has so much more features what the PSN doesnt have.. And that is lame!

MinskyM4468d ago

"LIVE has so much more features what the PSN doesnt have"

Yep, laggy P2P gaming and tiny game sizes is something that PS3 and PC gamers are so envious of Microsoft's online service.

bodybombs4468d ago

i think ill be the one to decide whats worth a little over a dollar a week. thank you

NegativeCreepWA4468d ago

Actually its a feature thats very convenient to have, your just making up reasons why you don't need it. What I don't understand is why cant we even do voice messaging on PSN. We shouldn't have to use a phone while on online and I don't want give my number out to people I meet online.

seinfan4468d ago

Use the phone, huh? kinda sucks when you don't have a plan with an assload minutes nor a battery that can hold its charge for an all-nighter.

MariaHelFutura4467d ago

For someone who thinks their a pimp....your acting like a b!tch. Maybe you should consider a name change.


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zeksta4468d ago

Xbox Live, may have many features but the fact is, most of them are worthless, i mean how often do you use ESPN or some other feature integrated into Xbox Live? You don't much.

Slowly, PS3 is catching up to the 360 in features and the console sales, eventually they will release cross game chat or party mode, but until then, you have what you have and it's FREE so be happy.

NegativeCreepWA4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

It's free be happy, thats worst thing you could say. If everyone had that attitude nothing would ever change and company's would never try to make improvements.

FragMnTagM4468d ago

I use, Netflix, ESPN, and many many other features of XBOX Live regularly.

I also log into PSN frequently and look for new stuff on my PSN+. I occasionally go into Home, but I will probably go more often now that there is voice chat and you won't be getting fooled that the girl you are talking to is actually a guy.

Balt 4468d ago

Didn't we have this when it 1st launched? Strange. Backwards is the way forwards.

zeksta4468d ago

But it was removed on the grounds that it was being abused too much, hopefully people have learned.

thehitman4468d ago

I got excited for Home was the trophy room and Sony still hasnt delivered im quite dissapointed with Home thus far, but that sounds like a nice update hope they keep improving until they finally get to what they promised they would deliver us.

trainsinrdr4468d ago

theres is going to be so much stalking now lol

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