Eternal Sonata Exclusive Battle Action Trailer

Damn that's a mouth full! Eternal Sonata Exclusive Battle Action Trailer. Ah well. At least the game isn't named Trusty Bell overhere :S

Eternal Sonata isn't so much better either. Xboxkings is happy though that the quality of this game seems pretty good, and it has an own feeling and atmosphere. This game could have the special ability to please Japanese as well as Western gamers. Which is a pretty hard goal to reach. Blue Dragon reached about AAA status in Japan, Europe/USA rated it around a 7 to 7.5.

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miked8084067d ago

I actually loved the style of the Demo so I'll be picking this up.

fredy4067d ago

The sound, and it looks beautiful, I' getting this game.

Feed up more RPG's...

[email protected]4067d ago

This the only Xbox360 game that interest me. Seriously look beautiful and I like the art. But probably the game get a PS3 version anytime soon. If not happen... well, too bad.

Don't try to flame me cuz I really want this game to come to PS3. It could happen its just a 50% or less to happen if Namco/Bandai and Tri-Crescendo make the port on the PS3 of course ^_^.

synetic4067d ago

its going to come to ps3 in 6 months to a year same happens to Enchanted Arms