Gran Turismo 5: PS3 'not enough' to handle Yamauchi's vision

The PS3 is arguably the most technologically impressive games console on the market - but the creator of Gran Turismo 5 has claimed the system still wasn't powerful enough to yield the game he wanted to make.

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Nitrowolf23813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

dam, Kojima said the same thing about his vision. I can't wait to see what these devs have for next gen

Sony hurry up and give us a Date



Gran Turismo 5 is going to be E.P.I.C

AAACE53813d ago

Nope, next gen they will say whatever system still isn't enough for their vision!

Gotta admire their ambition though...

Red_Orange_Juice3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

i don't care about his vision goddammit, i'm not going to sit and wait for his vision come true, I want the game EFFIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep the visions to yourself and give us a game, visions tend to grow as the development progresses, it's never going to be a vision come true, so STFU about te visions and ship the goddamn game

ct033813d ago

Of course everybody on here will disagree with you. They don't want to lose their precious exclusive.

But if the chosen platform isn't powerful enough then this really begs the question why there is not a version for the platform that *is* powerful enough, i.e. PC.

MisterAV3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

maybe because you have a specific hardware to work and you don't have, like on pc, to scale everything from the lowest pc to the higher. You can optimize everything. And maybe because also on bluray and piracy on pc.

otherwise he can just ask a machine with 12 cores processor, 6layers bd player, 12GB ram and some GPU connected together to be satisfacted and some decades to make the game

Nitrowolf23813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )


Maybe because the developer and the publisher are all done by a company who are first party devs to Sony??????????

why do people even bother asking questions like that?

Anorexorcist3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

More power to you my Eastern brother. People like you will keep hardcore gaming alive!!!

raztad3813d ago

I cant believe the stuff ct03 wrote.

"They don't want to lose their precious exclusive. "

How is Sony supposed to lose GT5 exclusivity ct03?

Persistantthug3813d ago

Not enough PC gamers would buy it.

Gue13813d ago

I never thought I was going to say this but I'm kind of tired of current gen graphics, they are not that hot anymore...

ExplosionSauce3813d ago

I'm pretty sure many devs always have bigger visions for their projects. But there are always cuts even before development begins. It happens all the time.

Frankly, not even current PC would be enough.

I'd say next generation we will see greater things.

badz1493813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

his vision is to control real life!

MariaHelFutura3813d ago

IMO, GT5 is the best looking game on the planet. Including the PC. If someone has screens/vids of something that looks better please feel free to post them.

evrfighter3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

toybox's are not a place where serious developers should be trying to realize visions.

Only possible on pc

Kojima definitely had a vision. I like the guy but the Dumba$$ shoulda just made a movie. Instead of wasting gamers time with 45 minute cutscenes.

ct033813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

"How is Sony supposed to lose GT5 exclusivity ct03?"

That was not my point. Anton suggested bringing GT5 to the PC. Even if it's just hypothetical, it would allow more players to enjoy the game (not just PS3 gamers).

40 people disagreed with Anton, apparently not wanting non-PS3 gamers to be able to enjoy the game.

Whenever I say that I hate exclusives and would like everything to be multi-platform, I also get dozens of disagrees. PS3 gamers are just selfish.

raztad3813d ago

Actually it is easy to see that people disagreed because Anton comment made no sense whatsoever. Not because people is selfish.

darksied3813d ago

Sounds like an excuse; if it does well, great. If not, "well, it wasn't powerful enough to do what we want, so we settled for this."

TheIneffableBob3813d ago

Racing simulation on the PC is a popular genre. There are a lot of guys who are willing to shell out thousands of triple-monitor setups and crazy racing wheels and accessories; just take a look at the racing forums for proof of this.

On the PS3, Gran Turismo is like the only racing simulator worth talking about, but on the PC there are several games such as iRacing, rFactor, and the SimBin games. These games don't focus much on the graphics, though; they're all about accurate car simulation and physics.

If Gran Turismo came to the PC, I think it would sell well. Not as well as on PlayStation, but sales would be good. Only way for a PC version to sell as well as a PS version would be if Sony marketed the PC version as well as they do for their consoles, but we all know that would never happen.

Sarcasm3813d ago

Honestly given what he can do already with GT5, I'm sure he wants it to be so damn realistic, you cant tell the difference between the game and real life.

We probably won't see it until about 10-15 years though. No joke.

Information Minister3813d ago

@ ct03:
You are assuming that Yamauchi believes current PC hardware is enough to "handle his vision". And even if that is the case, you're quite simply barking at the wrong tree.

There are tons of PC developers. What you should be asking is why none of them has brought a GT5 competitor to the table. You can't really blame Sony for not giving up the "precious exclusive" which THEY CREATED to increase sales of THEIR HARDWARE.

ct033813d ago

To increase sales of their hardware? Haha, like I'm going to buy a console for a handful of decent exclusive games.

Dee_913813d ago

kaz could do more on pc but itll be 10 disc and the only thing that would be able to play it is a $2,000 computer

Tuxedo_Mask3813d ago


If I want to play all the great games that are available for the PC, I'll have to buy a new computer that can handle them, and if you want to play GT5, you'll have to buy a PS3. The only thing stopping everyone from being able to play a certain game is the fact that not everyone is either able or willing to pay for the equipment necessary to play the game. Would I want all games to be available for all systems? No. Why? Not because I'm selfish, but because companies have the right to do what they wish with what they create and competition is always better for both quality and prosperity.

In your socialist gaming world every game would be available for everyone and while everybody would get to play it, the game would also be compromised and have to be able to work on the lowest common denominator, which more than likely would be either a PS2, which is still on the market, or a low end PC. Do you think some developers are lazy now? Imagine the lack of quality in a game that has to be available for everyone to play. There's a reason exclusives are better, no matter what the system. In order to gain more customers than the recent install base, not only do you have to make a great game, you have to show off why the system you made it for was chosen and just how much it is capable of. Whether you like GT5 or not, Yamauchi and PD always push the boundaries of the system they work on. Instead of complaining about exclusive games, we should be wondering why not too many other developers do the same with the systems that they work on.

Oner3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

It's not about losing "exclusivity", it's about EVERYONE being on a level playing field with the same hardware available (I believe).

I would love to try GT5 done on a PC to MAYBE push it to it's fullest extent. But in order to run it that way you would have to spend $$$$, and that would put those with "weaker/less expensive" hardware at a disadvantage....being on a console keeps that variable "equal".

And better in my opinion. It then comes down to skill. Not $$$.

Aquanox3813d ago

a PC version is the solution =)
Current consoles are already dated.

nveenio3813d ago

Crytek brought their "vision" to PC because it was powerful enough...look how that worked out.

Information Minister3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

@ ct03 (#1.1.22):
So what are you saying exactly? That you buy hardware for the hardware and not for the games? That doesn't sound like a lot of fun. And like it or not, it's the software that drives (no pun intended) hardware sales, otherwise the Xbox would have won last gen.

Or are you saying that you don't like the current line-up of PS3 exclusives? Because what you consider an outstanding game might be barely "decent" by other people's standards, it's just a matter of opinion.

@ Aquanox:
You would love that wouldn't you, being the die-hard Xbox fanboy that you are? The opportunity to play GT5 without coming anywhere near a PS3. Wasn't Forza 3 supposed to lead the way and blow GT5 out of the water? It's just embarrassing to see GT5 copying Forza with the Top Gear association. Oh, wait...

MariaHelFutura3813d ago

LOL, I love how people disagreed w/ me and posted no screens/vids of a PC game they think looks better than GT5.

d3nworth13813d ago

Sony owns Polyphony Digital and the rights to thats why there is no PC version and will never be a PC version or any other version for any system that doesn't bare the name playstation.

Narutone663813d ago

See Blizzards games like Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo? If GT5 was done on a PC it will take 20 years for it to be released and it would be delayed numerous times.

morganfell3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

It has nothing to do with losing our "precious vision". I grew up playing PC games. But sometimes PC elitists have a real stick in their ass.

In this instance they can't understand or accept it's better on the PS3 for reasons that aren't readily obvious and which they always try to ignore.

You know, in the early days if PC gamers weren't the pirate kings or else trying to run a PC hooked up with duct tape and coat hangers given tech support a headache then companies wouldn't have moved so readily to consoles.

As great as the PCs are that I have, they just can't offer the cohesive console experience. MS tried and failed. Valve has at least done something, but outside of the resolutions there is just a host of features missing from PC titles. Not everyone lives in an apartment with their PC hooked to the Big screen.

My PC is hooked to a 32 inch Sony flat screen in the room where I have one of my PS3s for recording. But usually I prefer my den and the big screen with my 60GB. Can't see putting a PC in there and would certainly miss everything that PSN offers.

PC elitism isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

No Way3813d ago

I imagine it'll be the same story, no matter what gen.
They will never be happy, but, I suppose that's a good thing.

They'll keep pushing and pushing.

No Way3813d ago

Lol, I love how you compare a 'racer' to Blizzard games.
That's laughable. Blizzard games should take far longer to develop..

baodeus3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )


"Would I want all games to be available for all systems? No. Why? Not because I'm selfish, but because companies have the right to do what they wish with what they create and competition is always better for both quality and prosperity."

You are exactly right when saying this. However, it seem kinda odd that when MS refuse to put game on the PC, the Sony fan (or maybe PC fan that have been stirring up all the fanboy wars on N4G) seem to be quite up and arms about it. Beside MS that still support PC gaming, i don't see Sony or nintendo supporting that so where is the merit in blaming MS for not putting game on PC (when they still do w/ gears 1, halo, fable, etc...)?

When MS does put games on PC, the fanboy would used it to not buy the x360 because x360 is not required and claim exclusivity is the way to go.

Seriously, do anyone notice the hypocrisy that rampage around here?

But seriously, if Kaz want to make a better racing game without much limitation as the console, he should do on the PC (it may not reach his vision, but hey it would be much much much much closer than on consoles).

ExplosionSauce3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

He has talked about the subject before.

*sigh* PC fans -_-

morganfell3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Do I want things available for all systems? Hell no.

One thing Sony has single handedly proven: Exclusives > Compromised Multiplatform titles

ProjectVulcan3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

It seems while everyone is bickering about why GT shouldnt be on a massively powerful PC platform without finding a useful reason for it they forget Kazunori Yamauchi has played with the idea of bringing GT onto Pc for many years now. Sooner or later i can see him convincing sony to publish the series on PC. In several interviews he has indicated that he certainly would not be against the idea of a Pc version.

Sony would not be as easily swayed at the idea of losing basically their biggest game's full exclusivity, but it wouldnt hurt a great deal if it was ported onto PC and released 6-12 months after the console version with all the improvements one would expect to be possible with current Pc hardware.

Karlnag33812d ago

Isn't that Bob Koticks line?

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seinfan3813d ago

I was gonna say the same about Kojima. ha But I think his was more of an issue with the disc space. Disc space! On fucking Blu-Ray!

Nitrowolf23813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

it wasn't about the disc, it was about the PS3 limitation. He envision something that was ten step ahead of the E3 trailer but said in reality he was just one step. I think he literally wanted it to look like life itself.

@ SEINFAN below
That had to do with the fact that they had to compress the data to make it fit, he didn't want compression in the beginning

this talks about what they could get the CPU to do and such with the PS3 hardware

seinfan3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I remembered this article years back.

oh, alright. I knew he said MGS4 didn't turn out like he wanted, but I didn't know what exactly he said as to why. Thanks.

RevXM3812d ago

MGS4 is probably my favourite game of all time but that was ridiculous.

I mean look at all the games that has better visuals than MGS4, and Kojima gave up on the hardware?
Mgs4 is a good looking game and so near perfection in so many ways, but Uncharted DF looks better visually and I think Kojima could have done more for it if he really wanted.

Now look how incredibly gorgeus GT5 looks, and yes it runs on the same 5 year old hardware as MGS4.

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chilled2m3813d ago

Yep, Kojima wants to put hundreds of hours of cutscenes, probably. :)

chilled2m3813d ago

My apologies for offending your God, Kojima.

mastiffchild3812d ago

No, it's just a tired and played out gag, that's all, and not one that was ?EVER fair. How else would ANY dev have tied together the most bizarre, yet wonderful, tale in games with all it's loose ends fitting perfectly together without using expansive, often wonderful, cutscenes?

It was a means to an end and everyone(detractors) who likes to knock Koj and MGS4 points to this ignoring the mastery of storytelling to focus on a bit of over ripe dialogue. It's just pointless and ignores the hours and amazing, iconic gameplay in the best action/stealth game this generation.

No one imagines you offended Koj, fella, just told an old "funny" that a lot of MGS fans bored of a long time back.

As for GT5/PD and Old Yamauchi-never be satisfied even if everyone had the greatest tech in history. He/they would always want more.

FACTUAL evidence3813d ago

I can't wait to see GT5 on my TV. He might as well start GT6 for ps4, can't wait to see those graphics.

Domer253813d ago

Uberachiever creates ubergame. So what's the problem?

avengers19783813d ago

yet the game is still being released on a PS3.

avengers19783812d ago

How can someone disagree with what I said.
GT5 is still being released on the PS3, and it's being released pretty soon.
Sorry to those of you who don't want that to be true but it is.

EvilBlackCat3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

"Easy, Bring GT5 to PC "

Funny how you get disagrees for that.

Of course! that will give GT series a chance to get a Real Simulator at last.

For some reason fanboys get mad when their console of choice lose an exclusive that is a sentiment and that we PC gamers never met... an stupid sentiment.

3813d ago
Biggest3813d ago

It's hard to lose something that you yourself make. Do you expect Sony, which is the company that owns PD, to make the game and give it to someone else? That's pretty stupid as well, don't you agree, EvilBlackCat?

ico923813d ago

thats not true because like 70% of all the Pc "exclusives" have been comming to consoles, to the point where all thats left is MMO's and RTS

tplarkin73813d ago

I wonder if he was stealthily complaining about the difficulty of developing on PS3? You only say it's "not enough" when you're disappointed with the end result.

Blaster_Master3813d ago

All it needed was more RAM and a better gpu. The cell is an awesome processor.

Theonik3813d ago

Heard he wanted to bring proper motion simulation to GT. *like the ones you see in F1 training sims. Sadly i don't think this will really happen. Unless of course Sony lets him make GT: Arcade. Even if they did though it'd never see the light of day outside Japan.

*arcade hardware also gives you the advantage of very powerful HW +the ability to optimize your code for that specific hardware.

PHOSADRA3813d ago

When we buy GT6 for the ps4...
He should just provide us with a code/voucher
that we can use to get a
real car of our choice from a car dealer...

Because I think thats the kind of experience he is aiming for

lexington3813d ago

it's no surprise. This game should have been developed on 360 and it would have been out already.

stonecold33813d ago

but the 360 could not handle gt5

jneul3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

lol they would have been even more restricted on 360, like everyone said yamauchi wanted it to be so real life like, and no console can make it 100%real life like, but damm gt5 got close

commander3813d ago

Well no shit when u spend 5+years on one game.

DigitalAnalog3813d ago

That's what seperates the average dev from people like these.

This is why I still believe in the gaming industry knowing full well as long as their visions can yet to be attained for future generations to come.

-End statement

n4gno3812d ago

Aquanox, evrfighter and all the dumb trolls, "bububu pc" only for stupid performance purpose, but not when it's a question of "console exclusives"(lol)

As others says, pc are not all powerfull enough to handle that kind of games, and BLUERAY = mandatory !

by the way, it's always funny to see xtards saying "Current consoles are already dated" ignoring the fact that only xbox is almost maxed out (since gears1), ps3 monster is showing us greater things every 6 months since the start, like ps2 !

DeathMetal3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

BLUERAY = mandatory ! LOL there is this thing called hard drive moron. A midrange Pc would easily run GT5. And consoles are dated that's wahy most of you games run at 30 fps.How hard is it to make a car game look good? all you have to do is animate the cars LOL. Backgrounds look bad and the track is nothing special. And to the moron that said show a game on Pc that look better. There are too many to name.

Nerox33812d ago

PC=piece of crap
it just doesnt fit games

DOMination3812d ago

It's obvious that 360 is the only platform where he can fulfil his vision. Psn simply doesn't cut it