FPS-tuned 360 controller on the way?

Microsoft is currently investigating ways to modify the Xbox 360 controller, with a possible view to releasing a 'finer-tuned' version of the device in the future.

According to a report on Shacknews, Microsoft's Robert S. Walker - product unit manager, hardware - has recently revealed how the company is peering at the controller's right analogue stick and mulling over how it could be designed to better function in genres that require very precise movement - e.g. first-person shooters.

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Silverwolf5386d ago

I'm happy with the default controller for the xbox 360. But I sure wouldn't mind having a more precise controller, seeing how much I love FPS.

OutLaw5386d ago (Edited 5386d ago )

Welcome to the site Silverwolf.

THAMMER15386d ago

I cant even think of how they would perfect it any further.

TOM5386d ago

just off the top of my head,they could add a ball for the thumb but a true mouse is the best way to go.....

Marriot VP5386d ago

using a computer mouse is about the worst way to play ANY pc game. All it becomes is a cheap way to match 2 pixels on top of each other by projecting your hand on a mouse pad.

Using a mouse for FPS' IS LAME. No skill and carpal tunnel.

TOM5386d ago

there is no replacement for the keyboard and mouse combo,instead of tring to find something that will come close to matching its accuarcy just release a darn mouse and keyboard.I mean damn,it has the ports for it.

DC RID3R5386d ago

maybe a little tweak with the d-pad, but apart from that..........

wot it do THAMMER!!!!!

borgome5386d ago

The 360 controller rocks, any improvements they make will just make it all the sweeter. And as far as the keyboard and mouse are concerned, stick to PC games if you want roll that way.

TOM5386d ago

keep in mind that gamers will soon be facing each other in pc vs. xbox in the same game.The controler gamer will soon be facing the mkb gamer.We well see if u continue to "roll" with the standard controller in a fps.

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The story is too old to be commented.