Is the Japanese gaming industry in crisis?

With accusations that "everyone's making awful games" in Japan, Marc Cieslak examines what the billion-dollar industry is really like.

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iMaddy3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

yes an no

no: there is Nintendo which has no crysis

yes: hardcore devs in Japan in crysis. They signfically redused their cash flow over last 5 years...

and Hirokazu Hamamura, president of Enterbrain bashes all western customers because they don't like japan games and prefer shooters..that is a low point to call customers fool if they don't buy their product..just make a better games mr Hamamura,

Neckbear3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

It's mainly big-name publishers trying to reach a worldwide audience with their westernizations and such the ones doing it wrong.

Japanese developers and some Japanese publishers, as well as self-publishers aren't in trouble.

In fact, most of them are doing quite well. I mean, their games are actually selling more over there, and some of them even get the chance to appear in our North American retailers.

The JAPANESE game industry itself isn't "dying", "in crisis", "with a lack of good developers" nor anything of that. Hell, some of the best games this generation are made by Japanese developers.

It's just a few big-name companies screwing up HORRIBLY. Yes, with that I'm looking at Square Enix, Capcom, etc.

Dragon_Hiko3817d ago

And to add to that, I can't understand how with the plethora of jrpg's that existed last gen, and how many people LOVED them...why every company seems to want to change up the formula this time around. I'm mainly looking at level 5 with white knight. Rogue galaxy and dragon quest 8 they did for the ps2 where two of the BEST RPG's I've ever played. All they had to do...was more of the same with white knight...

AAACE53817d ago

We all wanted these powerful systems and this is the price we have to pay! Games cost a lot to make. These new systems killed off all of the smaller developers, which results in fewer games. Part of the reason the Ps2 sold so well last gen was because it had so many games! Take that away and we are where we are.

This is what Nintendo meant when they said we were pushing too far too fast! We are killing off our industry. We have lost developers. Gamers don't want to pay $60 a game.

That's one of the reason's MS and Sony will try to make this gen last longer. The industry isn't ready for the next step! Developers have just got a grip on this gen.

Masamori Sumimura3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Their Games are selling and they're not in a Real crisis but in a way They dont push any real boundaries anymore. Alot of japanese Devs do the strict minimum and reharsh the same stuff over and over again and People buy them. Nintendo does it with pokemon , Square does it with DragonQuest and so on and so on. They're not in crisis because they'll keep selling but they're not pushing boundaries like they used to do in the 90's when they had most of the monopoly in the gaming industry. Nowadays Americans,Canadians,Europeans have catched up and deliver as much as the big japanese Companies.

Neckbear3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

That is mainly because there's always a big-name company behind said games.

And even then, some Japanese Developers deliver some crazy, crazy games you don't see everywhere.

I mean, just look at Platinum Games.

They're just one of the bunch who try something DIFFERENT.

And I, personally, see Western gaming on the same train.

Most of our beloved Western developers don't bother to try anything new, but instead simply rehash FPS #7942 or TPS #2376 without much else going behind it.

Then again, there are also fellows who like to be original these days, too.

In other words, to be honest, both Western and Japanese developers and publishers are the on the same boat.

edoman203817d ago


And poeple says that the game wasnt influential

TehChef3817d ago

Japanese developers shouldn't try to "westernize" their games because doing this won't satisfy Japanese gamers or their "western" target audience either.

patterson3817d ago

Exactly. When trying to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

RedDead3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

They just upset both sides don't they, for example FFXIII is a half arsed Rpg and a half arsed action game all in one

gigaware3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

They've been westernizing their games because the old school ideas and styles don't sell in the west. They can't keep their radical fantasy style nor should they completely westernize their games. They need to keep the great Japanese ideas and imagination and ground them enough were westerners like them. MGSR is the first game to do this in a long time(more thought out gameplay mechanics, less exaggerated emotion portrayal)

Japanese gameplay has been an after thought. They need to tone down the flamboyance of their games, bring up gameplay mechanics to the 21st century standard set by the West and flesh out coherency

guzman3817d ago

I'd say Demon's Souls beats MGSR to the punch in that regard. Talk about deconstructing a largely western game style and creating something better than anything else in the genre. At anyrate, Japan is going to be fine. What we're seeing is a transfer from the "old guard" mentality to the new guard. Capcom's main talent has long since exited to Platinum and Tango, Itagaki's is just getting warmed up, Kojima's nuturing his own studio, Matsuno might return after his Ogre Battle remake and The Gooch is about to release the mother of all Jrpgs, The Last Story. Capcom, SE and Namco are rotting, failing corpses that need to either evolve or cash out. As long as Japan's core (Nintendo, Sony, Konami, Sega and Enix because of DQ and the many creator spawned indies) remain viable, they'll be fine.

Godmars2903817d ago

JP devs just haven't adapted well to HD consoles. Are still trying to make PS2 level games.

LordMarius3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Playing Dead Rising 2, so yes. Inafune cant create games so Im glad he is out

Greek God3817d ago

look what is becoming to FF DMC

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