More Halo 3 Epsilon Screenshots Leaked

Another batch of leaked Halo 3 Epsilon screenshots have been put out. Take a look, but be aware that this is not from the final retail copy of the game and the quality/resolution aren't so great.

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toughNAME4093d ago

gotta love that flame thrower

eLiNeS4093d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

wish they were better res.

I just created a video with these pics with music from Corporeal. Down it here: http://cid-5f20ca54c7da1c92...

Link to gametrailers video

Bloodmask4093d ago

The graphics truly are beautiful. Did anyonecheck out the pic called smart Brute. It looks like he is doing a slide move to flip over a Warthog.

I wonder if these types of moves will be available in multiplayer?

mighty_douche4093d ago

ummm ok, so they took these screens months ago and only just released them? i dont see it!

still, looks good tho!

Close_Second4093d ago

Ok, so according to some it may not have the visual prowess of Killzone 2, but nobody can disagree that this is the best the Halo universe has ever looked.

I have to now get through BioShock before this comes out as I know Halo 3 will probably be a permanent fixture in my 360's drive.

The Chief of Mjolnir4093d ago

I´ve seen that flamethrower in action!

It´s strong as hell!

Only 26 days left now!
(I live in Europe so, yeah, 26 days.)

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