PS3 Preview: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

It's always the lesser hyped games that take us by surprise if they turn out to be top-quality, but the upcoming Naughty Dog production, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, falls somewhere in between. To this point, the videos and previews have looked great – check out the demo on the PlayStation Store if you haven't already – but some questions have been raised over the past few weeks. Most PS3 owners have probably heard of the game, but they likely don't know much about it. Therefore, it's our job to get you all caught up, and we have the benefit of using some very recent info thanks to the Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig. This one looks very promising…provided the developers can work through a few kinks here and there.

The story is intriguing enough: the coffin of Sir Francis Drake holds a four-century-old clue, and this clue causes a modern-day treasure hunter (kinda like Indiana Jones only without the archaeology degree) to take off on a rousing adventure. His name is Nathan Drake – don't think too hard about the possible relation – and he's searching for the legendary treasure trove of El Dorado. However, before he can locate El Dorado, he finds an undiscovered island in the midst of the massive Pacific Ocean. The island is mostly non-descript, but it's also overrun by mercenaries, who are hell-bent on taking out Drake and his comrades…and the horrendous secrets of this island will slowly come to light. Naughty Dog is well known for great stories and relatively intricate plotlines, and that ability should come to the forefront in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Oh, and it should also look very realistic; they've promised extremely "lifelike environments."

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Foliage4069d ago

This is my most anticipated game this year, but obviously I'm a bit bias.

clarkdef4069d ago

I cant find the demo on the playstation store

Bolts4069d ago

Don't blow your load on impressive graphics and Hollywood quality cutscenes. Gameplay is more important.

jfalco4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Heavenly is averaging over 8/10

The lesson to be learnt is???????

Foliage4069d ago

The only fault to the top games coming out on the PS3 is that some chose to put Lair in that category when it didn't deserve it. It shouldn't be in the same category as games like Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Ratchet, Unreal Tournament, Haze, etc.

Although the graphics and cutscenes are impressive, this game is yet to show any reason why the gameplay would suffer. The puzzle aspect is well done, and the combat system wasn't treated as an after thought. Not to mention the most complex animation system in a game to date.

I know you are just a fanboy, and really I shouldn't be spending all this time responding to your unreasoned comments, but sometimes these assumptions are so pathetic on this site.

rowdy 14069d ago

Sixaxis this and sixaxis that. No one wants to adjust to the controls.
Good story and great graphics,but the whining is over Sixaxis effecting the gameplay.


Tighten up those controls,and watch this game soar to the top
can't wait