Devin Shatsky Community Interview On All Things Silent Hill

Hell Descent: Everyone knows that Silent Hill fans can be ravenous, scary, and extremely dedicated to the series. There has never been such a more dramatic community in the history of video games, and I stand by that! So to help calm the storm, Devin Shatsky, producer of Silent Hill 8, was awesome enough to answer the communities questions. While not too much info on Silent Hill 8 can be given, this interview focuses on Devin’s personal history with the series, his knowledge of the mythos, and his dedication to bring a respectable entry into the Silent Hill series. Devin is one of the key people behind Silent Hill 8, and the community got to pick his brain. The the jump for the full interview.

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Mr Tretton4001d ago

I sure hope it can live up. I'm a die hard fan of 1 and 2. Such special experiences to me.

I'm not counting on anything though. Team Silent had the right people doing the right thing and that is hard to duplicate.

mantisimo4001d ago

Thanks CJ interesting read, and I'm now much more hopeful than before.