Another Classic Fighter Arrives on Arcade Next Week

Fans of classic fighting games will be excited as it has been announced that Fatal Fury Special, along with Cyberball 2072, will be dropping in next week.

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BloodySinner4094d ago

Forget this nonsense. Hey, Rare! Where is my Killer Instinct HD for Xbox Live Arcade? That would totally rock.

SabreMan4094d ago

very nice addition to live Arcade a superb SNK title, i do agree a HD version of Killer Instinct would be very welcome and may tempt me to buy into the 360 again, what with this Jet Pac, Sensible Soccer and Speedball 2 it's very tempting indeed.

Not sure on this but does Nintendo own any rights to Killer Instinct ??

Just need Capcom to announce HD SFIII Third Strike and i would buy a 360 as soon as my feet would get me to a games shop

BloodySinner4094d ago

None at all. Killer Instinct is a Rare title. Nintendo only published the game. :-/

shodown194093d ago

So it makes no sense for Rare NOT to bring Killer Instinct back. Doesnt matter if it's 1 or 2. I dont think developers are aware of how much money can be made on XBOX Live Arcade or PLAYSTATION Network. A simple port with online code is not as difficult as developing an entire new game so to speak.

Anyway, I honestly think......

Rare would make a Killing if they port KI. Capcom would make a killing if they ported MvC,SFIII 3rd strike, SF Alpha 3. Midway would make a killing if they ported NBA Jam/Hangtime/Showtime. Sega would make a killing if they ported Fighting Vipers,Die Hard Arcade.