Pirates of the Burning Sea: A Last Ditch Effort

The last stand of the only Pirates MMO not made by Disney begins November 22nd as PotBS joins the ranks of Lord of the Rings Online and Anarchy Online in transitioning to a free to play subscriber model.

No one’s denying the fact that this is a last ditch effort from Flying Labs Software to save a game that released to upbeat reviews nearly three years ago but took a turn for the worst when the servers began to empty faster than the Mary Celeste.

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kdogdaddy2930d ago

The F2P model can definitely make or break a game, look forward to seeing how well POBS fairs with such a model implemented.

Losi2930d ago

Most notably, LOTRO was killed by the F2P model yet is still advertised etc...only time will tell.

tejanse2929d ago

lolwut? LOTRO is a f2p success story.

sempercog2930d ago

The F2P is a risky move, but like noted in the article, what other options does the developer really have?

imoutofthecontest2929d ago

Free to play with payment for upgrades and bonuses is the wave of the future for MMORPGs.

dredgewalker2929d ago

I hope this doesn't turn into Pirates of the Burning Poo.