McGee: 'Wii is the only true next-gen console'

Renowned US games designer American McGee has spoken out in a forthcoming interview with CVG, to lambast Microsoft and Sony as 'focused on money' before going on to describe Nintendo's Wii as the only true next-generation console.

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kingboy5389d ago

it`s just another gamecube with a different controller.

Sphinx5389d ago

...the Wii is cool and all, but I love my 360... and every one is allowed their own opinion... but the Wii is innovative, not next-gen.

ChickeyCantor5389d ago

its not a GC, if so then xbox360 is just a upgraded XBOX en Ps3 is a upgraded Ps2

Gamer135389d ago

Im looking forward to buy a Wii, i wonder if the wii will have online features maybe - maybe not.

specialguest5389d ago (Edited 5389d ago )

"next-gen" can be interpreted more than one way. i think in this articles case, you're getting a new experience in gaming that can be considered next-gen.

everyones talking about who has the best graphics card, processor, etc., but failed to notice that they're not getting a whole new gaming experience. just the same old style of gameplay, but with pretty graphics.

where these other consoles lack in innovation, it gaines in other factors such as XBL for MS and the new Eyetoy potentials for Sony.

i partially agree with this article, because i wouldn't say it's the ONLY TRUE next-gen console.

andy capps5389d ago

This guy only lends credence to what I and many others think, that you're paying $250 for a new control scheme. Yes, you're getting a console, but you're not getting anything that is much more powerful than an Xbox, which is 5 years old. So you're essentially getting a 5 year old console with a prettier design, and a new control scheme for $250. Yes the gameplay may be revolutionary, but this, in my view, is Nintendo's way of gouging the pockets of gamers by releasing a system that they could have released as an expansion for the Gamecube. They do the same thing with the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, etc. They're very much like Apple is with releasing a new Ipod every 6 months that offers only slight changes, in my opinion.

wakkiwakko5389d ago (Edited 5389d ago )

Welly well well, couldn’t Microsoft or Sony just release a screw driver and new gpus for xbox or ps1? PS3 and X360 are just graphical / component upgrades. There’s nothing next gen about them except that they can look great on an HD TV set.

There’s nothing revolutionary about x360 or Ps3. They’re both just upgraded consoles. In my opinion MS and Sony could’ve just released component upgrades with a manual how to install them. Less money spent, more money earned and everyone’s happy. No?

So what that the Wii is comparable to current gen consoles? So what? Are you buying a console for games or graphics? So far no game play has been shown for the PS3 and games on the x360 are good enough but we’ve yet to see true graphical potential.

Anyone who says right now they want to buy the PS3 isn’t buying it for the games. Titles’ve been released but not one game footage was ever shown. For all we know, the games will look amazingly vivid but will play like sh!t. All you have going for the PS3 right now are the “graphics.” Which we’ve yet to see.

For the wii you have above average graphics with an excellent game play mechanics. For 360 you have excellent graphics with above average game play mechanics. For ps3 you have nothing right now. Just speculation. Well, for ps3 you might have excellent graphics with above average game play mechanics. The controller hasn’t changed. 6 degree… hahahaha… isn’t that like, “to play the wii you have to move your hands around and it will get very tiresome and very boring!” hahaha. Yeah… when it’s a Nintendo product it’s rubbish when Sony mimics it… it’s genius :o

Go Sony! Show us some more CGI "game play" movies in Leipzig and more advertisements! We all know true game play movies will be at the TGS :o

But being serious now... I hope Sony won't dissapoint a lot of gamers with their PS3. I wish them best of luck.

DC RID3R5389d ago

that the wii wiil mirror the sales of the DS and become EXTREMELY successfull!!!


Killswitch5389d ago

Listen all of them have the samething really. Just little changes here and there. PS3 Blu-ray the only diffrence, Xbox360 HD-DVD, Nintendo Wii there controler. Thats what makes them diffrent. Because other then that they all have ON-line play, They all have better graphices, well xbox and ps have the best graphix to offer but graphix wise those to console are the same. while nintendo has slightly better graphices then there old console. So don't beat Nintendo down we need them there controler models always been revolutionize to us and every othe console will be using there idea in the next 5 years. Believe me that always happens.

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The story is too old to be commented.