Top 10 Underrated Games of 2010

GamingOgre's list of 10 Underrated games of 2010.

There have been a ton of great games launched this year, but it's also been a year full of sequels and continuations of other stories. In no particular order, I'd like to list 10 games that I personally have enjoyed that were largely overlooked by the public due to low review scores, other big name titles being out around the same time, or sadly, just a lack of general interest for whatever reason.

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RadientFlux4406d ago

My favorite underrated game this year (so far) has to be 'Enslaved' the characters grabbed hold of as I actually cared what happened to them.

The twist at the end was completely unexpected for me.

DK_Kithuni_714406d ago

.. and I did not care for it. It controls like crap and looks like a PS2 game to me. I like the idea of it though but will not buy it.

PS360fanboy4406d ago

Enslaved looks like a PS2 game to you?! Ahahahh, you people try so hard...

Bereaver4406d ago

I agree, enslaved was a pretty awesome game. I just didn't like the interaction between monkey and trip. Some things didn't fit right.

But yes, it was underrated.

EliteAssassin814406d ago

I'm sorry, but I feel that if you didn't actually play the game, then you can not give your honest opinion. The only game on this list that I played was Darksiders. I loved it from the time I started it, to the time I finished it

HolyOrangeCows4406d ago

Most of these games got what they deserved.

kancerkid4406d ago

Resonance of Fate is great. A game for real RPG fans.

ExplosionSauce4406d ago

One of the things that threw me off about the characters was Monkey.
He was raised in the wild, yet he is very eloquent when speaking.
Aside for that, it was good.

Sarcasm4406d ago

The most underrated game this year TO ME BECAUSE IT'S MY OPINION is Medal of Honor. Reason is because I felt like it was a more genuine military shooter and stayed true to a story about how hard it is fighting a war that is pointless.

I mean as far as actual gameplay and things like that, yeahhh it's not really that good. But I definitely prefer it over "the parody of anything military" COD series.

RememberThe3574406d ago

I'm with you on that. I love MOH. This game is awesome. I'm not too bad at it either so I tend to have fun most of the time. The multiplayer is solid, deep, and can be challenging.

But about this list: Most of the games on this list weren't underrated, they were under-appreciated. Most of them were rated fairly. I played Singularity, Bayonetta, and Darksiders, from this list, and love love all of them.

Game-ur4406d ago

Undersold is more accurate description, because most actually got very good reviews.

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soundslike4406d ago

for a game to be underrated it has to be a good "game"

Anton Chigurh4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

Is one of the best games I played this year.

Silentmerc3nary4406d ago

I wouldn't say it's the best game I've played this year, but it's one of the better games I've played this year.

Bolts4405d ago

Singularity = Bioshock clone.

Anton Chigurh4406d ago

Is one of the best games I played in 2010.

Pen154406d ago

I thought it sucked, just my 2 cents...

nnotdead4406d ago

still want to try Enslaved for the story, characters, and voice acting, but i didn't like the demo. still want to give it a play through though.

ABizzel14406d ago

Darksiders was really good. It's Zelda meets God of War, just not up to the caliber of those 2 games. The combat isn't as intense as God of War, the exploration isn't as satisfying as Zelda, and the graphics are only decent, but it's a good game.

Bayonetta was great in my opinion. The best new Hack and Slash game this gen (by new I mean games that aren't an existing franchise such as Ninja Gaiden/God of War/ etc...). The only game to compete with it to me has been Heavenly Sword. Those 2 games are the only good hack and slash deserving of franchises this gen.

Enslaved has the story and characters, but gameplay and controls aren't up to par.

Castlevania has cinematic presentation, longevity, and story. But it's boring and the combat isn't up to par.

Dante's Inferno was a rip off of God of War that came out at the wrong time. It's not a bad game, but it was completely overshadowed and blown out of the water by God of War 3, Bayonetta, and Darksiders since they all came out in a 3 month time frame.

I thought Vanquished was fun, but the length is what put it in the not buy section or at least the buy once it drops to $30.

The other games I barley played, before sending them back because they didn't grab my attention quick enough.

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gillri4406d ago

I would say Bayonetta but that scored really highly, so it isnt underrated

I think this guy is talking about sales

in which case I would say Enslaved or Vanquish, as they havent sold well

Bayonetta sold 1.5 millions copies

Akagi4406d ago

I'd say Bayonetta is digustingly overrated.

I'd say the most underrated game of 2010 is 3D Dot Game Heroes.

Acquiescence4406d ago

Bayonetta is spectacularly overrated and I wish I didn't buy into the hype. I've been trying to sell my Limited Edition copy ever since January.

Zezo4406d ago

I'm never one to comment on just how much a game garners attention but honestly I have never had this much fun playing an action game since the first DMC. I say Bayonetta deserves the praises. But like most people everyone has different opinions. To each their own. It's an action game dudes.

If you are not having fun bashing,slashing, killing, and gunning down things maybe the action game genre is just not your cup of tea

Sarcasm4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

"I'd say Bayonetta is digustingly overrated. "


Rented it (the superior 360 version), and couldn't get past the stupid stupid stupid 10 foot tall she-male that's supposed to be hot and the stupid cheesy storyline. Yeah it has good gameplay mechanics, but that's like a road you have to walk barefoot that's covered with sh*t and broken glass before you reach the end to enjoy it.

jeseth4406d ago

Agreed. 3DOT was awesome and super underrated!

I also really liked Enslaved despite all the mediocre reviews and poor reception it got. Pickup it up at a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale and it was great.

Neckbear4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )


I wouldn't say Bayonetta is overrated. At all. Played the PS3 version, hell, it was fun and enjoyable.


None. At all. It's probably of the most awesome games we've had in a LONG, LONG while.


3DDGH isn't underrated. It was actually given proper reviews for what it is- a nostalgia-ridden game that's not GREAT but not BAD either, it's simply good.

About Enslaved, it didn't got bad reviews. I would say I liked it, but the auto-platforming and the game itself was completly mediocre, and the plot wasn't THAT good.


I liked the Fly me to the Moon remix and Let's Dance Boys!, and the music overall felt fitting while still standing out. Wich is what makes it great, or well, at least personally.

Bayonetta cutscenes where of two kinds: An excuse to show off some awesome, AWESOME stuff or heartwarming. Sure, it's not deep, complex, no gray morality or anything, but hell, it was still worth looking at once.

Let us not forget, Bayonetta is mainly a GAME. Music is fitting, gameplay is awesome, story has its then, what's wrong with it?

Nothing at all. Wich is why it's not overrated- it's simply of the best games we've had this year.

cmrbe4406d ago

No doubt she has some really mad skills but as an overall package it was lacking for me.

Byonetta has the most fluid/fast pace combat i have ever seen. Its the new standard for Hack and Slash games.

However the story (was there a story?) and the music really put me off. I now only play it mostly for the challenges but not much more.

I would give it an 8/10.

SiteNblog Defender4406d ago

Bayonetta is underrated by the PS3 fanboys. They're butthurt the PS3 version isn't on par to the 360's.

@cmrbe, God of War 3's story isn't any better. Kratos is such a lame and unlikable character.

guzman4406d ago

Kratos comes from the school of generic character design. He'll be forgotten in another generation.

Pen154406d ago

Speaking as a non-fanboy, your comment is a joke.

TheLastGuardian4406d ago

Kratos' backstory is quite interesting if you play 1,2,3,COO and GOS. God Of War has a great story.

TheLastGuardian4406d ago

Bioshock 2 is underrated. It wan't as good as the first and because of that people were dissapointed. It was still a great game.

DigitalAnalog4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

Just because it has a poor port by SEGA doesn't change the fact the this was an AWESOME game. Expected from the very same dude that produced DMC and Viewtiful Joe.

If anything, the most underrated games this gen are the Wii games. Aside from Mario/Zelda, SH: Shattered Memories is by far the BEST motion control used in the Wii. Dead Space extraction also gets an honorable mention. I hope Kirby's Epic Yarn does not suffer the same fate.

-End statement

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xilly4406d ago

Enslaved is definitely on my list of things I plan on playing before the end of the year! Glad to know it's as good as I've been hearing it is!

-GoldenTimeLover-4406d ago

Time Crisis Razing Storm for me.

BakedGoods4406d ago

'Cept it's missing Visceral's incredible Dante's Inferno. Fantastic game.