Red Ring of Death visits Orland for lunch

When joystiq's own Kyle Orland isn't writing around this joint, he's either doing something with NPR, scribbling about the media, or keeping up with his own website; where he tries to play a game every weekday during lunch and write about it. Today's piece is a tragic one where he chronicles what happened minute by minute:

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mighty_douche4066d ago

and what did he say, out of the 3 tester, 2 have had the RROD (one of them twice).
thats a 66% £uck up rate, see microsoft dont lie, they have reduced it! lol hahahah

TheMART4066d ago

Ah all those PS3 fans are jumping on the only thing they have to say about the best gaming console out there.

Because they have NO GAMES to play! Nice

AllroundGamer4066d ago

first of all a "best gaming console" should be able to survive couple of hours of gaming...

solidt124066d ago

Dude it isn't just PS3 Fanboy jumping on this it is everyone. My 360 is broke now and I am pissed because i can't play Bioshock until my system gets back in 3 to 4 weeks. Everybody wants this fixed so we can enjoy games. Dang I might even have to wait to play Halo 3. Bad Timing huh.

Rageanitus4066d ago

xbox did not really have fun games to play either until gears of war came out. And that took a full year.

I bet you were one of those fanboys that raved about bejeweled on xbox arcade (lol i remember those forum comments, pathetic)

As for games, heavenly sword and warhawk are games to get.

Sad thing is the only games worth playing on the xbox since its launch are 1) gears (which is coming on pc) 2) graw (which is multiplatform) 3)r6v (multiplatform)...... 4) bishock (on pc) 5) halo

Who really has more games ??? Im sorry not to bash ms but they have to really ride out halo for a good 6 months.

At least ps3 is coming out with new franchises that are EXCLUSIVE

TheMART4066d ago

It is not that a big deal. You get 3 years of Warranty. What does the PS3 give you? In USA 90 days or one year maybe? In Europe 2 years. If the PS3 dies after 2 years and 2 days you're f*cked.

If the 360 dies after 2 years and 360 days, you get a working one back.

At this time, extra heatsinks are implemented, which solves the problem. So no, I don't see it as a real problem anymore.

having no games on a betablurayplayer would worry me as a gamer though

BTW before Gears I had:

Dead Rising

and other games, including great XBL arcade ones. So enough to play

Hatchetforce4066d ago

No games? What time is it? I just got up from playing Warhawk all night.

I also have games on the 360.

Wait. You mean idiot fans that worship one console do not have any games to play. You mean dirtbags that are so ignorantly blind they would miss great gaming by being the unofficial buttlicker for one console. Now I understand what you mean. Good point.

Hatchetforce4066d ago

@ the mart,

It's not that big of a deal? You are just lost in the throes of being a fanboy. 8 weeks. 8 weeks I had no console. Okay pal? All of the great games aren't worth a flip when my 360 is broken. I can't spin them on my finger, put them in a Xbox 1, or play with the game cases. Broke, okay you little acolyte. Broke.

stunt2134065d ago

lmao we have no games to play i just played warhawk and oh yeah all the 360 owners have games to play that they cant even play because their system is made outta sh*t and u cnat even hear the sound because it's loud as a goddamn helicopter when its playing.

DeadIIIRed4065d ago

We don't need extended warranties because our system isn't blowing up every few months. What a inconvienience. I really do hope that you get your red rings the day before Halo 3 is released and then I wan't you to come back and tell everyone that this isn't "such a big deal."

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mighty_douche4066d ago

maybe im wrong but that looks like an ELITE to me, thought the problems were gonna be sorted before they release them? oh i forget, you cant polish poo can you....

crck4066d ago

and thats exactly what happened with my 360. Although I was more in a stunned anger then weeping mood.

MaximusPrime4066d ago

i actually like that image. The best shot i have seen so far.

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