Microsoft Kinect Times Square Exclusive Event Footage

Exclusive footage taken from the Toys R Us located in the world famous Times Square where Microsoft was having a midnight launch extravaganza for the highly anticipated Kinect. Major Nelson, Kudo Tsunoda, Don Mattrick, and Cliffy B among others were in attendance in this star studded event. Gameplay footage, reactions towards Kinect, and exclusive up close interviews,including one with major Nelson and Warzonegamer, you wont see anywhere else .You wont want to miss this.

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SmokexFFx4407d ago

They sure as hell know how to launch a piece or hardware.
I can't wait for the Move launch party! Wait what Move launched?!?!

shoddy4406d ago

I wonder if they feel it worth it staying in the cold a week later.

ConanOBrien4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

*cricket chirps*
iFeel ya gurls

Pyscho_Mantis4406d ago

I love how you assume that everyone there boguht a kinect cuz I was there mate and it was great fun, but half thise people were paid by microsoft as dancers adn when you went into the shop there was no fighting for the kinects. Some people came jsut to watch.

SmokexFFx4406d ago

I love how you assume that I "assume that everyone there bought a Kinect." cuz I never said anything about anyone there buying Kinect.

Shazz4407d ago

still dont understand how they didnt shift the full 3k units at such a huge party hmmm weird

BiggCMan4406d ago

for real? i didnt know that. still, regardless of your opinion on the device, i dont think anyone can deny that this event looked like a lot of fun to be at.

meetajhu4406d ago

Aron greenberg in the streets finish him

KratosGIRL4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

Using hiphopgamer's own words

dizz str8 up gaingsta

don't forget about vidicle xD

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The story is too old to be commented.