Stunning New Uncharted Drakes's Fortune Screens

There are a handful of somewhat new images and concept art in the gallery section (or at least direct feed images as opposed to scans). The Technology section will be updated periodically with info about the development process.

The current entry from Evan Wells says that they're currently knee deep in alpha and that they are doing tons of press for the game right now. In a few weeks, there will be another press event in Croatia.

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Foliage4067d ago

GOTY? 7,000 animations and effortless controls. Arguably the greatest visuals on the market, and the gameplay is all there.

It will be hard to compete with COD4 for the title though, even Assassin's Creed... Then you have Unreal Tournament. Not to mention the Halo 3 hypefest.

okcomputer4067d ago

Would have liked to have seen more in game action shots, but this game is still at the top of my list for the next couple months.

rukusa4067d ago

damn awesome :) I cant wait to play the newest game from Naughty Dog.

4067d ago
SIX4067d ago

This game is tops on my list. Sony delivering diversity to there fans. Me likey.