Yup, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy Still Not on Xbox 360

Just because Microsoft doesn't have the home field advantage doesn't mean the company is going to sit on the TGS sidelines. Yes, the company will be announcing something. In an interview with Canada.com, lippy Microsoft exec Jeff Bell hints at what Microsoft will be showing at the Tokyo Games Show, namely Alan Wake, Fable 2 and Halo Wars. As well it should be! Those are all first party games, though. What about third part stuff? Bell stirs the hornet's nest:

"Lets be honest. There's only two major franchises that are talked about not appearing on our platform: Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid."

xaphanze6168d ago

anyway, I dont think FF13 is ever coming to 360 since I read the devs are actually using the power of the cel---->can´t be made on 360.

InMyOpinion6167d ago

As with Lair? Which apparently looks and plays like pure garbage. The whole "can't be done on any other platform" talk is getting old. MGS4 and FFXIII will probably both look stunning, let's leave it at that. No need to flame.

Lex Luthor6167d ago

Xaphanze, if only you realized how retarded that comment was, it's comical now to say that a game uses the full power of cell.

Shadow Flare6167d ago

Square-enix said they were using the power of the Cell's SPU's to develop Final Fantasy XIII with in-game graphics that are 'near-CGI'

So yeah, 360 has no cell processor. It has coke can ring-pull for a processor. Psone final fantasy games were reknowned for multiple discs. The pure fact that this game is pushing ps3 to it's limits means:

a) 360 can't handle it.
b) The amount of discs would deplete the worlds oil supplies
c) If this were on 360, you would have a constant heat haze above the machine. For many a 360 user, their machine would die and it would be their final fantasy of using it ever again

There was more chance of MGS4 coming to 360, but we know that's not happening

So xaphanze, you was right

Hayabusa 1176167d ago (Edited 6167d ago )

No, Xaphanze is a fanboy, and I can't believe you Sony fanboys are still deluding yourselves with this "power of teh cell/cannot be on the red-ring 360" crap. what did you guys say about Lair? "cannot be done the 360", "AAA title" e.t.c. But the game turned out to be crap. What about Heavenly Sword? "Cannot be done on the 360" "looks as good as Gears of War" "it must have Blu-Ray 'cose it's soooo big" "AAA title" "Going to be game of the year for PS3" and how did that turn out? 6/10 from Edge. Yeah, good one. That's showing us what your PS3 is capable of. 6 hours long by the way, and they almost used a dual layer disc for the game.

I don't mean to bash the PS3. It will have good games...at some point. But the fanboys need to come up some fresh arguments, because their old ones just aren't sticking.

And for me personally, I'm not fused about either of these two games (MGS4 and FF13). I've never liked the FF series, and MGS4 looks less interesting the more I see it. I'm sure they will both be good games (hopefully...) But I'm much happier with the 360's line-up.

Shadow Flare6167d ago

I'll ask one very simple question

Do you think the xbox 360 can handle Killzone 2?

I'll even answer it for you. Never.

DeadlyFire6167d ago

Why is the answer always the same for people with an X360 that relize that a game isn't coming to them. I never liked the story anyway and Its looking less interesting. When we all know you want the game as much as the others anyway.

You also base you opinion of HS off of its lowest game review. That in itself speaks for you. For one if you only read one review to judge a game you yourself are not very bright. You should at least look at some other review numbers. I do believe that Heavenly Sword is scoring an avgerage of 9/10 from most places.

Oh and don't lie about not intending to bash when you clearly state that you think nothing on the games on the PS3. Either way you are looking at the wrong games in my opinion. I myself don't think to much of Heavenly Sword, or Lair. I might rent them, but I doubt I would buy them. If you are looking for something to compare to Gears of War look at Unreal Tournament III being released in a month or so. It looks awesome much better than I expected really. Naturally the game being made by Epic looks the best. Haze doesn't look to bad either and now I hear that is PS3 exclusive. Looks like Sony is interested in Timesplitters 4 being PS exclusive and a relationship with Free Radical if you ask me. :P

2008 will be the bringing of the curve in PS3 vs X360 games if you ask me. It will be slight at first though. I really don't think anything can compare to Gran Turismo 5, and Final Fantasy XIII just yet on any platform. KILLZONE 2 is also looking surprizingly well. That is just my opinion though only time will tell truth.

rubarb236167d ago

"Do you think the xbox 360 can handle Killzone 2?
I'll even answer it for you. Never"

can you confirm that? you sound as if you know everything about the 360's architecture to confirm it can't handle killzone 2.

anyways, whatever, killzone 1 was garbage. never seen so many people hyped up for a sequel to a piece of sh1t game. oh well to each their own i guess.

dhammalama6167d ago (Edited 6167d ago )

that the cell processor will be able to do SOMETHING that the 360's cpu, or (as of now) any other commercial cpu, won't be able to do. It's running things like folding at home at like 19 times the speed of a powerful commercial processor. The cell REALLY CAN use its power. Whether or not we're seeing it yet in games, or if the gain in power can fully be applied to game development is still hard to call. But seriously, TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES and the PS3 does use ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. The cell does work. And the 360's awesome too.
but it is a bit more limited imo.


EDIT: @rubarb23

I'm NOT SOLD on the sony cell processor HYPE. The cell works and it is being used now with great yield, both in folding@home and other linux ps3/cell programs.
I don't know if killzone2 is something that can or can't be done on whatever console, but we will see.
In these other applications of the cell processor it does "scream" that it can be VERY effective. The cell architecture wasn't some sort of gamble like some things make it sound. It's like intel going from pentium to core2duo, THEY KNOW IT'S BETTER. It's an upgrade not a gamble. The cell is made by IBM, and sony AND toshiba. IBM knows how to make this shtick, THIS is an upgrade. In fact, this is IBM's top of the line super chip, already being sold for medical devices and crap like that. The ps3 has a slightly inferior chip because one of the cores won't be utilized. The 360's processor is ALSO and IBM processor, but it's nothing like their crazy 9 core CELL:BE.

You've probably heard of Folding@home (of course) but there is also another distributed computing project optimised to run on the cell. It has been around for a long time and was recently optimized-- BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing)
here's some ps3 relevant info
------ http://www.ps3grid.net/tech...

that's the homepage
------ http://boinc.berkeley.edu/

and this is wikipedia
------ http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

Perhaps the cell CAN'T DO GRAPHICS, but that's lame too. I mean LOOK at PS3 first party games!(think of the sequels and improvements to their IN HOUSE ENGINES) Maybe no Gears textures but they look gooood. anyway, no use in this talk until at least a years time, 'cause now BOTH systems are great. But it's important to remember that graphics are only part of gaming experience, and physics on a whole has yet to really take center stage.


---------MUST WATCH -------- NEW TO ME --------

TAKE A LOOK at his video on the CELL:BE and medical imaging. Watch the whole thing. BUT, if you're that lazy, watch from 2:30 to 5:20!!!!!
---------MUST WATCH -------- NEW TO ME --------
---------MUST WATCH -------- NEW TO ME --------
---------MUST WATCH -------- NEW TO ME --------
---------MUST WATCH -------- NEW TO ME --------

@ rubarb

My initial response was "It's obvious and proven that the cell processor will be able to do SOMETHING that the 360's cpu, or (as of now) any other commercial cpu, won't be able to do."

How that will translate into games, I don't know. But Come on man, "that's what PS3 owners have been taunting about" I don't care what ps3 owners have been taunting about. You want the power of the CELL? (Not the ps3 , although it does have a cell IN IT) LOOK AT THE LINKS

It's doing things that NOTHING ELSE ON THE MARKET CAN DO

console wars to HELL. This is about new designs and the advance of technology, don't be blinded or neglegent because you're in a WAR.

by the way, you American?

damn, maybe lost my bubbles but it's just a joke. Just takin a pi$$

But ya, post that article, I'd be intereseted to read it.

rubarb236167d ago (Edited 6167d ago )

my friend, here is my problem with this whole cell thing. sony knows how to advertise their stuff. they've advertised to everyone all about the power of the cell and what it can do. the thing is, thus far it's all talk. that's why when someone says something like killzone 2 can't be done on the 360, i laugh at that crap. thus far there has not been one game on the ps3 (including killzone) that is way better than what's on the 360. if you compare the visuals on gears of war lets say, to killzone 2, i'd give the detail over to gears and the lighting effect to killzone. of course alot of people won't agree with me and that's fine - everyone has their own opinion. and it's the same the other way around, no game on the 360 is way better than what's on the ps3. i guess what i'm trying to say is that these 2 machines are beats and i wouldn't doubt for a second that any game that comes out on one of them can be run on the other with out a problem. talking about cell this and that, it's all hype and it's proven in what the ps3 is showing. nothing on either console screams "i can do this and you can't". games basically look the same on both consoles. the only debate is regarding which one you support.

EDIT @ dhammalama,

my friend i get your point about how great cell is and you can even tell me it cures cancer and gets bums on the street laid, but at the end of the day dude, how great is cell for games? i mean that's what ps3 owners have been taunting about no? the power of cell. when it comes to games which is what matters most to us games, all i'm saying is that it's not delivering. had cell produced graphics that would make the 360's graphics look like ps2 for example, then yes i'll admit that yes cell is truely amazing! but that's not the case. games look basically the same.
i'm at work right now so i can't check out your vids, but when i get home i'll check it out. i have a link on my computer at home that talks about the difference between the ps3 and 360 (amazing read!!!). it's not biased as it doesn't put one down and favour the other. it just talks about what's inside the machine and maybe after reading that you'll still feel good about cell, but you'll understand that the cpu the 360 is...... well another beast. you'll see what i mean. i'll post it tonight, i can't find the damn article on the net right now.

Edit 2:

dude i found the frigg'n website. it's " http://www.anandtech.com/vi... it's an old article but it's still a great read.
to answer your question, na man i ain't american. i'm a latin guy living in canada. dude, if i read your post right, your saying ps3 owners are taunting the fact that cell does things other commercial cpu's dont? to my under standing ps3 owners taunt at the fact that cell will deliver them amazing graphics not all that stuff your telling me about. you know to end this post, lets have this discussion next year and see if cell delivers on their promise of better graphics and all that stuff.

WTF dude? i posted this crap and clicked on the link. it's not working for me. i hope everyone that tried got it. if not then type the following using google "anandtech: microsoft's xbox 360, sony's ps3 - a hardware discussion". you'll get it for sure.

Hayabusa 1176167d ago

@ Shadow Flare. Good question. But if I'm to go by what you guys have said about Heavenly Sword and Lair...


Fair point, but I mean what I said. I never liked JRPGs and I still don't, so that rules out FF13. I actually loved the original MGS on the PS1, and it's personally one of my favorite games of all time, but I didn't like MGS2, and I kinda lost interest after that. I'm interested in MGS4, mostly for the story, but the look of the gameplay just doesn't grab me. That is how I personally feel about those two games, and I'm not saying it to represent any demographic. I know allot of people on Xbox Live who want to get a PS3 just for MGS4.

As for Heavenly Sword: Yes, 6/10 is only one review but the fact that any review gave it that means there must a reason: especially when it comes from IGN. Heavenly Sword was my most anticipated game for the PS3, and before I had a PS3, I will admit, it made me jealous. But I was disappointed with the game after I played the demo. The thing is, allot of the things they complained about in the IGN review where complaints I had about the game (blocking, button mashing), and some of the other stuff are things I would complain about in games (linear feel, basic puzzles, constant cut-scenes). I have to form some sort of opinion of how good I think a game might before I buy it, especially when I'm spending £40 on it.

And yes, when I look at the PS3, there really are few games that appeal to me now. KZ2 may look amazing graphically, but I get the feeling it would be more like COD linear gameplay which only "feels" like your in a big battle. Obviously, I'll wait to see more of the game, but that's my current impression. Haze doesn't interest me either, it looks gimmicky, and I'm not an Unreal person (I'm not even going to buy the 360 version). These are just a matter of personal taste, and at the end of the day, it isn't going to change anything.

razer6167d ago

Let Shadow Flare who doesn't even own a 360 and has Sony's d1ck shoved so far up his arse he burbs Krazy Ken's pubic hair tell you that it can't be done on the 360. WHATEVER! Fanboys are a lost cause..

brianpk806163d ago

Interesting the way the quote is phrased,

"Lets be honest. There's only two major franchises that are talked about not appearing on our platform: Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid."

He doesn't say they're "not appearing." Rather, he says they're "talked about not appearing."

Konami's supposedly disappointed in poorer than projected PS3 sales. Square Enix tipped its hand briefly and hinted at a FF13 appearance in 360. In both cases, the developers always dance around the issue and speak vaguely. The fact that they even flirt with the idea of 360 versions suggests to me that they're in the works. Otherwise, an outright denial would be more appropriate. I suspect they're keeping it under wraps out of respect for Sony. Letting the cat out of the bag this early would unnecessarily put nails in its coffin. Neither Square/Enix nor Konami want to see Sony fail, but they can't shoot themselves in the foot financially just to maintain amicable relations. These titles are enormous investment sinks and it's going to be REALLY hard to justify slamming the door in the face of the potential recoup from Microsoft's market share (60% in North America...?), especially with its higher attach rate.

Microsoft is going to have a great fall with Halo 3 moving loads of consoles and then the strength of Halo 3 will further propel strong holiday sales for Xbox 360... at a time when the PS3 still won't have anything "must have" in its library. The 360/PS3 gap will widen in North America. The fact that 360 will be sporting the fuller and more complete Grand Theft Auto IV seems to get overlooked here a lot. I see a repeat of Madden 08 there with the 360 version selling immensely more for Xbox. From a business standpoint, by the time MGS4 and FF13 are ready for release, they're going to need a better reason than "Kojima's dream system" or "loyalty to Sony" to justify saying no to such a huge market share.

And on that note, does anyone here seriously believe Final Fantasy XIII will be released in early 2008? Sounds more like a schmoozing line from Act II of The Delay Game. Wasn't FFXII originally projected for a mid-2004 release...? The series is decidedly not very punctual.

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BaMYouRDeaD6168d ago

@ xaphanze

Yeah, the same thing goes for MGS4, I think it's too far in the development cycle, and plus it was built from the ground up to run on PS3. I guess both could be ported over later, but I doubt it.

reaferfore206167d ago (Edited 6167d ago )

With reduced sound quality and most likely on more than one DVD, and honestly? Whats wrong with having a game on more than one disc!? It's not like MGS1 and FF7/8/9 were on more than one disc or anything. I wouldn't mind getting up to put in disc two like I did in all these games a few years back. Thats usually when I go get some munchies and go to the bathroom since I'm already standing. Works out great actually.


gsx-r6168d ago

I think microsoft should worry about fixing their actual consoles so people can play games on them without the RROD

tomfoolery6168d ago (Edited 6168d ago )

and @ss hurt that the 360 is going to kick the ps3s @ss this gen.
Prod digs are so weak and old now.

reaferfore206167d ago (Edited 6167d ago )

It's not going to do any ass kicking if nobody can play their consoles because Microsoft DOES have to fix them. Systems shouldn't break that fast, bottom line. I would buy a 360 but my room mate already has one... Well, he's on his third system now and it's only froze once or twice. The first two didn't even have the "RROD". They just kept freezing or quit showing any video signal at all (and yes, they were connected properly). Also I have another friend whose disc tray is screwing up, and another that hasn't had any problems at all!

Now I'm not saying my PS3 didn't have any problems though. The first day I bought it I got an error trying to start Resistance FOM. The only way I could get it to play the disc was formatting the hard drive. So I took it back and got another one the same day. The guy at gamestop told me that he hasn't heard of many PS3's being defective.

What I'm trying to get at is this: Just because a game isn't going to be on your system doesn't mean you have to make yourself look like a child with internet access(Where are all the Wii fanboys? They're mostly kids right!?). Both of these systems are equally great (though not equally priced and built) and the Xbox has plenty of games that aren't on PS3. Most of them aren't as good as the two in the subject matter of this thread, but some of them are. (and I still really want to play Beautiful Katamari. That game is so fun)

So please, quit being such a tool. For a VIDEOGAME Fanboy's sake.

Shadow Flare6167d ago

"I think you should quit being so nervous
and @ss hurt that the 360 is going to kick the ps3s @ss this gen."

That's like giving an old cripple an hour's head start in a 100m race and a professional athelete has just got off the blocks

SlippyMadFrog6167d ago

It's a pitty your professional athlete isn't making any ground to a cripple :/