Leipzig GC 2007: Hands-on with Crysis

Destructoid: "When I say I wasn't impressed by Crysis, don't think for a minute that I thought it was a bad game. It wasn't, and there's every chance it'll be loved by a great many people, myself maybe included, when it finally gets released. The thing is though, there's a difference between enjoying a game and being impressed by it. Super Mario Galaxy impressed me at Leipzig. Quake Wars and Spore impressed me too. Crysis though, was merely good-looking fun. I say good-looking. I actually mean fantastic-looking. Everything you've heard about the game's textures and lighting effects is true, and at first it's quite easy to get shot up while you boggle at the dappled sunlight and vegetation effects. Deciding to concentrate and head down to the little enemy encampment ahead of me for a bit of the old bullet hurling, I found combat to be pretty solid too. My prey were very sharp and detected me coming long before I expected them to."

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ItsDubC4068d ago

Graphics can only take you so far. That's not to say I wouldn't want to play this game though.


what he was saying actually was that the graphics havent shown him anything that he hasnt seen in other games, there are better graphics