PlayStation 3 More Energy Efficient Than Xbox 360 Elite

PS3News reports:

Since most gamers have their consoles on 24/7, an important question is this: Which eats the most energy -- PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii? It's not sexy stuff, but the less energy you use, the better it is for Mother Earth, as well as your power bill.

Dean Takahashi recently took a look at all three using a Kill A Watt device, which measures how much electricity a device uses. Here's what the man had to say:

The game consoles yielded some predictable results. The Xbox 360 Elite came in at 194 watts. That's why it has the whirring fans inside the box as well as in the power supply that is inside the large "brick" in the power cord. The PS3 came in at 171 watts. But the Nintendo Wii consumed a measly 17 watts.

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toughNAME4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

compare all you want

I'm still not going to buy the PS3 until it has some games that interest me

Killzone 2 looks great...but judging from the videos the gameplay doesnt seem quite there...but who knows its still in the "pre pre pre pre-alpha stage"

lol i expected the Wii to not use very much energy

Maddens Raiders4068d ago

your brain doesn't use much energy.

Do all PlayStation people a favor: Never purchase Sony products. Thanks.

toughNAME4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

thats my opinion buddy

the least you could do was provide some sort of an arguement?

since when did you change into a super-fanboy? sry man...gotta ignore you
wth happened to this site..

ParaDise_LosT4068d ago

Yeah, Madden...ever since that Madden EA thing you've been like this......
You hurtin inside?

ChronoTrigger874068d ago

do us a favor and stick around with your ticking time bomb. if you still cant see the great array of ps3 titles that will be coming and have come
(ut3, haze, uncharted, resistance, motorstorm, heavenly sword, warhawk, td resurrection online, gt-prologue, and multiplats this year) then stay far far away.

Foliage4068d ago

So one of the biggest 360 fanboys on this site has already confirmed they are waiting to buy a PS3? I guess 2008 is the year the 360 crop shrinks again. Great toughNAME, now Microsoft will have to abandon another console. I hope you're happy.

Ri0tSquad4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

"I'm still not going to buy the PS3 until it has some games that interest me"

Come on guys lets be realistic here when the 360 launched 11 million ppl didn't Jump in like they said in there commercials at launch it took time and it grew as more games were added to its library.

eLiNeS4067d ago

there have been many articals showing the power consumption, like this one here:

Either way, I would rather have a RRODed Xbox 360 that is covered for 3 years and many top shelf AAA games then a gameless PofS 3 anyday.

Jeremy Gerard4067d ago

Something is up here, the power consumption of the three consoles has been compared many times before and the PS3 has always been considered a power hog at 380 watts vs 360s 160 watts, the numbers are all over google so where did these idiots get their numbers, not surprising this is a Sony site that came up with the phony specs.

Foliage4067d ago

That's great eLiNeS. The odds are in your favour. You are almost guaranteed to have an RROD when purchasing the 360, and there is no chance of having a gameless PS3.

The people with reasoning skills will just purchase the PS3 and have a console that won't break down, and they can have the best future lineup from any console. Why limit yourself to a 3fixme?

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maybe we can find one that uses 200watts.

too bad the 65nm falcon will be here in a few weeks, no more high powered games,.. dam.

MikeGdaGod4068d ago

nice to know since my ps3 is always on.............


do you really think anyone here cares if you buy a ps3 or not? nobody's gonna argue with you about it. just keep your lame @ss comments to yourself.

ParaDise_LosT4068d ago

Obviously YOU care, if you didn't you wouldn't have had the need to reply....

MikeGdaGod4067d ago

lets just say.......i found his comment amusing

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