Jack Thompson vs Adam Sessler

Watch the video to see G4's own Adam Sessler debate with Jack Thompson, the anti-videogame lawyer about violence in videogames.

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kewlkat0075389d ago

you will get a few bad apples trying to imitate what they see on TV. Look at the show jack-ass. There is alot more negativety sorrunding young adolecents these days as oppsed to a virtual reality world.

The fact is, playing videogames allows people to escape reality in some form or fashion. Yes, you do have to shoot the bad guy, stomp on his head, or blow him away most of the time but how is that any different then a Hero in a full length action flick. What about images of war we see on the nightly news. I can go on and on with real-life violence. The media should take alot of the criticism as they often do not.
All that real-life violence to me is no different, except in the virtual reality world you are the one making it happen. Who doesn't like a good guy vs bad guy video game? At the same time I think parents are also responsible for what kind of games thier children get involved in just as they should be involved in what kind of content they get to watch on television.

Have you ever heard that some of the most notorious serial murderes playing videogames and acting on them?

Where do kids draw the line of whats real and whats not? That depends on thier upbringing.

Thugbot1875389d ago

It's funny trying to blame volience in video games to volient crimes that happen. The question should be how many people are going to get this video game or rent it and then how many of those people are going to take part in a voilent crime? So silly.

wakkiwakko5389d ago

I like it how the uneducated fellow tries to sound smart while "debating" an educated fellow. And Adam fails miserably. It's just horrible to watch. I bet his ego went a whole 10 points after that.

a) Parents have to take responsibility in what their kids are playing
-true, but some games even though aimed for children have violence in their roots. Ie. Ratchet and Clank... run around and destroy what ever is in the way and have fun while doing it.

Ratchet and Clank is a kiddy game, but it promotes violence.

It doesn't matter what kind of violence is promoted... either a game is g rated or m rated and still has violence it shows that violence is ok. Same with cartoons and such. And most parents don't see it. They look at the rating, animated violence, they buy the game.

2) Dev Companies use violence to sell games. No body would buy a game where you pet horsies and run around GTA like environment and just deliver mail. Y'know? Violence, just like sex, sells.

3) Children are easily influenced by being exposed to something for a prolonged period of time. So they can watch teen titans and beat some kid up at school for looking like some villain. They can watch Looney Tunes and start dropping anvils on people’s heads. You can't draw the line. Children/Pre-Teens are easily influenced. They can be brainwashed with a mars bar and chocolate milk.

No one is to blame here. Devs want to make money. Kids want to play the next baddest title out there. And parents want to enforce ESRB rating. Only people who can be put to blame are the ones that take these things seriously. Bullies have been around since the beginning of school. Violence in school hasn't stopped, ever. Geeks are being beat upon. Race is put into a factor. I mean... you can blame the civilization for not teaching its people how to respect one another.

That's who to blame, we're all fu-ked up!

Bishop5389d ago

Adam Sessler is educated just like Morgan Webb or Jack Thompson, when your view of educated is based solely on their collegiate experience. So in a sense it was a debate between to educate men whose opinions differentiate based on their environmental upbringing. I believe that Adam does as good a job as Jack Thompson in expressing his opinion.

The increase in violence can be linked to any number of elements that help to decrease the morality of man, Whether its Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic remarks, the fact that drug use is at an all-time high or the fact that individuals constantly preach hate and think that they are doing a good thing. It isn't that were all f#%*&ed up its our views and are teachings that have caused our youth to become confused over what is right and wrong in society.

They choose to blame videogames to try and draw the attention off of the real problems that our youth face. I mean a perfect example of this is going to war we when don't like a certain situation or celebrating a drug dealer by making a biography of his life and how great it can be to yours comparatively speaking even if you are educated. Certain people have decided to take the easy route and point the finger at some else instead of pointing it back where it really belongs,” on themselves".

The last thing I will mention that truly shows me that John Thompson's views are completely skewed is correlation between teen murders and Doom from 1996. I myself was young when this game came out and my father purchased it for me to play on my PC. I enjoyed the game but I never found it made me want to shoot people or taught me how to use a firearm at any point in the game. Shortly after playing the game I had to take a safety course on the use of firearms and even after playing Doom "Thy Flesh Consumed" for almost a year I was still not that good of a shot.

Explain to your children that it is a game let them know that it isn't real, that drugs our not good for them and pass on any other wisdom that you think will be valuable in their upbringing.

wakkiwakko5389d ago

It was a biased debate between two men with different opinions. One is well educated the other is a crappy game show host who tries to sound educated.

The whole thing was staged to make Jack Thompson look like a complete fool. The moderator did not care what Jack had to say. Adam did not care what he had to say. Neither did the other fellow.

They just want to leash out at him and make him look stupid. They’ve made themselves look incredibly immature and stupid while trying to disprove his claims.

“Explain to your children that it is a game let them know that it isn't real, that drugs our not good for them and pass on any other wisdom that you think will be valuable in their upbringing.”

I see you haven’t had any kids? Raising them at home is one thing, but you can’t constantly monitor them. Peer Pressure is what gets drugs into the bodily system of a child. Peer Pressure spreads STD’s. Peer Pressure promotes drinking and driving.

No one, not even teachers can teach invulnerability against peer pressure. It’s there, it’s there to stay. You can tell your kids drugs are bad, but with enough kids telling them to do it, your words will just fly out of their heads while your child takes their very first hit.

At home you can teach them how to raise a family, but you can’t teach them how to live a life.

Ru5389d ago

The reason people are going crazy these days is because this entire world is alot more fuc*ed up than it was many years ago.

wakkiwakko5389d ago

Da-Tah! Now rephrase it to blame the video game industry! :D

THAMMER15389d ago

get paid from political supporters and medias outlets indorse them for publicity. It all boils down to money. Dev. want to make great games that attract us. What attracts us is violence; sex the things that make our flesh crawl. So when you see political leaders and public relations people getting all bent out of shape about video games they are just being fake to get a small amount of people and money on their side. It’s all BS. How come they do not take such a strong stand against teen pregnancy or helping the homeless? They do not get involved in the impotent issues that hare having a larger effect on our communities. They only attack popular issues of the moment to gain popularity. If video game violence was such a big issue than why do they not tackle issues that are killing us for real like WARS and political leaders using taxpayer money for personal use.

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