RUMOR: Gamers report PS3 Warhawk is freezing on them

A member of the MaxConsole forums recently set-up a thread in which he told the community that WarHawk is suffering from freezing glitches. He has played the game three times and two times he had to stop playing because the game froze on him. However, he is not the only one...

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Lord Anubis4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I has not frozen on me. it did back in the beta but not on the retail so far.

The only problem I have encountered lately/Today was that I couldn't get in the Sony Ranked Servers and if you go to the PlayStation Underground forums / Warhawk forums you'll find that is the most common frustration with the game. I haven't seen threads about freezes yet.

ktchong4069d ago

The article shows an image as the proof. That image is a snapshot of a google search. Worst of all, the snapshot cuts off the search field and does NOT show what keywords were used to google and get that result.

If you googled "BioShock problem forum", you would also get all sorts of forum posts complaining about problems. That's how much of a proof the article has.

Fisher3394069d ago

The first day i got it froze twice, been fine since then though.

reaferfore204069d ago

and honestly... is this really news?

UnasFortuna4069d ago

I have been playing daily hours at a time from the time I downloaded it and have not had one issue. The only time I had a minor problem was when I joined a NON-SCEA channel and one game I was in, my controls were kinda sluggish. Was probably a connection along the way between my PS3 and whoever was hosting the game. I don't know if it is the connection I have or what... But this does bring up the memory of all the fuss brought up when the PS3 first came out with people saying it bricked up on them and most of those rumors turned out false. At any case, if you join a non-SCEA game channel, you are also at the mercy of the hosting PS3...could be connections speeds or them just leaving the forum which causes you to lose your connection to that game.

ArduousAndy4069d ago

its news in the sense that this could be a widespread issue. Best part about reporting it as news is for the people that have had this problem could know that they are not alone. Also this will get to sony if enough people have had it and issue a fix.

However those people that are freezing could be anything. Anywhere from server lag too maybe a faulty disc.

hazeblaze4069d ago

Yea, this was an issue during the beta but even then it seemed like they had it ironed out by the last week... anyhow, it hasn't frozen on me or any of my buddies at all yet.

It probably has something to do with the type of connection/router those players have.

WAR_MACHINE774069d ago

been playing the crap out of this game since I downloaded it and haven't seen or heard anybody even talk about it happening

Delive4069d ago

First day, I played 2 rounds after DL/Install, then went to bed. That afternoon after work, I started it up and the first 2 rounds froze up about 10 seconds into the round (the only 2 disconnects in my stats). Since then, it's been fine. Going to put it to the test this weekend.
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chasegamez4069d ago

mine is find
warhawk rules

toughNAME4069d ago

wasnt the beta freezing a lot?

of course this will occasionally

tethered4069d ago

Yes it did. Quite a lot actually but I bought the disk and I have yet to see any lag much less any freezing.

Its a great game and anyone on the fence about it shouldn't listen to this freezing report because I have yet to see it happen.

I only have my experience to go by.

drtysouf214069d ago

Beta froze alot but no freezing on the retail version for me.

rjc2fp34069d ago

it froze after a match when it was tallying up scores/rankings
had to turn the ps3 off then on last night, haven't seen a problem since after playing for 5 hours today

i have the retail version if it matters or not ><