Warhawk PDF Manual

The Warhawk PDF Manual explain the procedures to start the game, quit the game and the various controls for the different vehicles and on foot action.

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snoop_dizzle4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

i keep turning on my mic that the game came with and when i test it it works, but whenever i go online right after, no one can hear me. I know it works becasue ive chatted with some people outside of the game.

secur1ty9114068d ago

always ask "who's got a mic?" and my squad always responds back.

This is the best muliplayer in the world; forget about the rest although I have to say that GR2 is too shabby either.

Frulond4068d ago

I was switching credit cards on monday just before the download was up on US PSN and BANG!!!!! somehow my card weren't allowed anymore :( fug............ so I bought a copy of the retail version and IT'S COMING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! woot!!!!!!!
I'll see you guys online :D

--- too bad i can't buy tekken update now since i have to wait another 24hrs before trying to add billing info again . . .

pilotpistolpete4067d ago

Man, the manual sucks. I had to google to know how to get split screen. I still don't know how to choose who's team the other players are on.