Enter Lair Early - Another high-profile street date is broken

Sony's flying dragon simulator Lair isn't supposed to be released until next Tuesday, but it appears some EBGames stores are selling the title early. Several of IGN's readers have reported successfully purchasing the game and are wrestling with the controls as this is written. One store IGN contacted said it would begin selling the game tomorrow morning, still five days before its street date.

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HowarthsNJ4157d ago

Now just need to get the kids to bed and I can play...

Jack Bauer4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

it doesnt sound like they are selling it early... the website has said for some time until now 8/30/07... and now it says now shipping.

Lord Anubis4157d ago

I think its available today here in Silicon Valley. I was supposed to call a few hours back but I was a bit busy with warhawk. Heh. :(

I'll pick it up tomorrow

EZCheez4157d ago

Of course, now i'm in line for the PS3 because my wife is playing Tekken online. Figures.

lebaneseprince14157d ago

got it and its a great game bs reviews

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The story is too old to be commented.