7 games Japan should give to western developers

CVG writes:
"We've put on our thinking caps and come up with seven Japanese franchises that we think would be given a new lease of life under western development."

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Oldsnake0074714d ago

You know I don't understand Japanese developers.

What's the point in making games for the western audience when we already get that from western developers ?

Mystogan4714d ago

the thing is Japanese people tend to make great IP's and then they ruin it.

Mystogan4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

They should give pokemon while they are at it, i mean come on who doesn't want real-time battles,Co-op and some real character customization in pokemon?, ow and a BETTER story,western developers are clearly better at story games.
Japanese people with their traditions,, they are just afraid to change it, but that's what will ultimately be their downfall. Also western developers listen better to their fans.

Tito084713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

So you're saying Metal Gear and some other great Jap-developed games have a bad story compared to Western games.... Thing is Japanese publishers are obsessed with the western market because games like Halo and Call of duty sells like hotcakes, but those sales are more due to marketing besides being great games of course, both games gets ridiculous amounts of money spent on advertisement, that's what Jap. companies are lacking, but that doesn't mean that jap. games sales are bad because the games are bad!!!!!

One thing for sure, they should make their games more towards their own ppl and culture, or have a vision of what their games should be like because most of the games I grew up with are actually japanese, because most companies are focusing on the western market, I mean there's nothing wrong with that, but not everyone is a FPS fan, not a fallout fan, not a Madden fan... Because this gen is of course dominated by westerns but all I see is yearly franchises, like 1735327436 FPSs, FPSs with RPGs, not too much variety anymore!!!!

specialguest4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Giving some these franchise to a western developer will take all of the soul and charm of what makes these franchise shine. The games will be an empty shell of itself, with nice graphics and modern gameplay, and that's it.

Seijoru4715d ago

Don't make me throw up, don't ever mention Zelda and Darksiders in the same sentence.

hatchimatchi4714d ago

darksiders is actually a really great game, yes zelda is better but there's no reason that darksiders should be ignored because it takes its cues from a beloved franchise.

Smacktard4715d ago

While Other M wasn't that great, giving Metroid back to Retro is a bad idea. Retro is frigging AMAZING, and Metroid Prime is one of my favorite games ever, but it was clear with Prime 3 that that style of gameplay was getting a bit stale. We needed a new spin, but Other M was just not that spin.

tunaks14713d ago

other m was great, get off the bandwagon. People here dont seem capable of thinking for themselves. Didn't like the story? Thats wonderful, but its a game and the gameplay was superb.

Urahara4715d ago

Zelda is played out and sucks now. Go play the train one and tell me it still has it. And we do need a new Tenchu.

fight4love4715d ago

zelda is starting to feel repetitive

SeraphimBlade4714d ago

I'd rather play through the 50th Zelda than a 2nd Darksiders. That game didn't do it for me at all.

BYE4714d ago

It's a ripoff. Not saying Darksiders was bad but original games are always better.

hatchimatchi4714d ago

i don't think zelda is played out but spirit tracks was definitely a subpar game. It's the only zelda i've ever stopped playing due to sheer boredom. I still haven't gone back to finish it. The inclusion of the train is what killed it for me, there's no exploration whatsoever and it takes so long to get anywhere. bleh

Dac2u4714d ago

Arrrgh, I persevered and finished Spirit Tracks, but only because it was the only DS game I had at the time. There were some good moments in the game, some that made me chuckle. Some of the bosses were really well done, but over all it was severely lacking in fun.

I kind of agree with the list. The Zelda franchise needs to be reworked a bit, FFS Nintendo get some voice acting already. The only games these days that don't have voice acting are PSN/XBL games and some of the lower budget handheld games. They don't have to westernize it, but get some fresh blood on the team and listen to some new ideas.

turok4713d ago

"readies the shotgun"

now thats something that isnt necessary.

wingman32x4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Skyward Sword is looking good. It'll be interesting to see what they do with it. There seem to be a lot of new gameplay mechanics this time. This is the first zelda game for the Wii. People forget that Twilight Princess was a port from the Gamecube.

I'm really hoping that Skyward Sword will bring some fresh ideas.

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Edward-Kraken4714d ago

None. Dante is now dead. I dont want to see any more emo chain smoking freaks. Imagine emo Link. Ugh.

Let Japan be Japan and the west be the west.

SeraphimBlade4714d ago

Yes, because we gained so much deep insight into his actual character from a 2-minute CG trailer

Edward-Kraken4714d ago

When did I talk about the personality of that Dante from DmC? I was talking about his looks. Try asking tons of DMC fans and I assure you about 80% of the answer you'll get as to why they hate him is because of his looks. There were article months ago that even most of the japanese dont like him. The original Dante is one the most stylish and iconic characters in gaming history, you CANNOT deny that.

Baka-akaB4714d ago

actually we did . he is already smoking when he clearly shouldnt , and looks awful in a game about BOTH style and gameplay

dredgewalker4714d ago

That 2 minute cg trailer was the most painful thing I've ever watched in my whole life. I am really positive that even the combat system is gonna be shallow looking at how Enslaved turned out. I don't want a western DMC and I don't want a smoking emo-Dante! Some games aren't meant to be western styled cause they would lose their uniqueness.

Redempteur4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Yes i did ... there were lots of informations on the main character itself including some of his habilities and his style ..

First they made dante smoke , second they changed his look , third they make him a sadist with the creatures .. no sword in sight.
fourth no "over the top" attitude

those trailers have ONE purpose , to get fans excited by hinting on what they intend to do. and it suceeded into doing the opposite .. make every DMC fan angry

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Akagi4714d ago

And yet you have Twilight avatar.

Edward-Kraken4714d ago

Man I regret changing my username believe me. Totally regret it. I'll change my avatar one of these days.