The new interface of PS3 control

Pick your poison: modern-day arms, fantasy cards or a microphone. Such tools are at players' disposal in three anticipated and very different new games.

"Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare," the most buzzed-about game at this year's E3, is thrusting the oh-so-realistic franchise beyond World War II re-enactments with loads of high-tech gear and highly detailed levels for the Xbox 360, Windows PC and PS3.

For something less virtual, there's "The Eye of Judgment." Players fond of traditional turn-based cards games like "Magic the Gathering" can point a PlayStation Eye camera at real decks made especially for the game. Different cards reveal different on-screen animations in battles against the computer or online players."

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heroman7114163d ago

im just not into this game

HeartlesskizZ4163d ago

nor am i, I want the eyetoy for chat on my ps3 and record some WH killing time but other then that naaaa. o yes how could I forget, I aslo want to record my online matches with in MGO, but thats far from now. :)