G25 Wheres The 360 Version?

Heres a cool racing wheel coming out for pc/ps2 but wheres the 360 version?

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DK2095383d ago

man i really need this for forza 2 on the 360

T-Rac5383d ago

never liked steering wheels myself, use them once then they go to the back of me cupboard waste of fifty odd quid or more!!!

mikeeno75383d ago

There is an official Microsoft wireless racing wheel coming out to coincide with the launch of Forza 2. It was specifically built with Forza 2 in mind. Good old Microsoft!

kewlkat0075383d ago

Where you from bro? I did not get the last line of your comment?
I've never actually tried racing wheels. Who knows if this forza game is fun I might just get one.

THAMMER15383d ago

Is due this holiday. I'm not really a race game fan but the wheel they anounced at E3 2006 made me want to buy it. It will have force feed back too.

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