GamePro reviews Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online, score: 4.75/5

Except that the programmers are starting to learn new tricks, and Tekken 5: DR Online is a good example of that technological progress. Yes, the lag is noticeable. No, it's not crippling...if you have a high-speed connection and if you play opponents who are relatively close geographically. If you go into Tekken 5: DR Online expecting perfect, flawless online matches, you'll be hugely disappointed. What you were hoping for simply isn't possible, and won't be for years until fiber-optics connections are the norm. But if you're hoping for a tolerable, enjoyable online fighter, Tekken 5: DR Online absolutely delivers.

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akaFullMetal4070d ago

sweet, i love tekken, cant wait to see you guys online

MikeGdaGod4070d ago

ok i guess i'll grab this today

MK_Red4070d ago

Well, the game was already award winning and adding the online multiplayhe to the mix is no small boon. Now if only someone'd release that online patch for VF5...

akaFullMetal4069d ago

ugggg i could care less about vf5 but then again alot of people dont like tekken, but yea i heard that a patch is coming to vf5 and it will be coming shortly, enjoy, and does anybody know where the addon for the online for tekken is on the psn store???