Retro Studios 'Taking a Break' from Metroid Series

As the conclusion to a trilogy would suggest, the Metroid Prime series seems to be over, and Retro Studios confirmed to Yahoo! Games they're moving onto something new:

"We are taking a break from Metroid series and from Samus," said Metroid Prime 3 Game Director Mark Pacini. "I'm sure there will be other [Metroid] titles created, [but] as far as the Retro Studios is concerned, we're taking a break for a little bit."

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MACHone4066d ago

It's hard to imagine having to say "goodbye" to the Metroid Prime saga, but it's also very exciting to know that Retro Studios will be working on something original! With all the innovation they brought to Metroid, just imagine what they could do to other ancient franchises or brand new ones!

ChickeyCantor4066d ago

i hope retro will make some other games with their artistic style ....they are really good :)

ShadoWulf4066d ago

I'm gonna miss them, and the Prime series. What a great job they did. At least they left on a good note.

Rooftrellen4066d ago

We need a little time off from a franchise to really love it. I saw someone list all the real Mario games, and we average one every 2 years! Don't think that's not a reason for its popularity for 20 years.

It's good Metriod is getting a little break. We'll love it more when it comes back.

RadientFlux4066d ago

after doing 3 games I would want to do a break as well, it wouldn't surprise me if Retro's next game isn't even a FPS