The First Moron To Break His TV With Kinect

Well, the first moron that we've heard of. He's not really a moron, he's Phil Villarreal, author and critic. And he's out a pricey television. You are the controller? No Phil, you are the guy with the broken TV.

"A public service announcement: Do not under any circumstances play Kinect Sports Volleyball at 1:30 a.m. while standing under a ceiling fan with a dangling chain for a light switch," he writes.

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WildArmed4704d ago


I guess it was an.. accident.

But it still amazes me how OFTEN people are unable to comprehend common knowledge.

With that said, It's quite sad that Journalism has become so 'frank' that we can now have words like 'Moron' in the titles.

I bet it's definitely adding towards the credibility of the author.

Quite a mature way to handle the article

kancerkid4704d ago

Did it on purpose as an excuse to get a bigger tv, obviously.

SasanovaS19874704d ago

wow, guess kinect can now RROD your tv

Defective Bot4704d ago

Someone needs to photoshop a sad face into the TV's screen, cause that's what 360 fans are going to be now that MS is focusing solely on Kinect. lol

darthv724704d ago

Not EXACTLY what I was expecting. In fact, I got one. I was tossing a pair of socks down to the laundry area (lower level) and we have a ceiling fan that we keep going to circulate the air (obviously).

I didnt intend to toss them the way I did but as they went towards the laundry, they clipped the pull chain for the fan causing it to swing upwards and get caught up by the rotating fan. The chain snapped off and because the fan was spinning (medium speed) it went flying (pretty fast) into the wall and left a dent in the sheet rock.

Of course my wife was all: what the hell was that? So I had to try and re-attach the chain to what was left in order to make it so I could adjust the speed.

I know that seems funny but what this guy did is also in the same vein. At least mine can be covered up with a picture lol.

When first looking at the title I was thinking it would be like the reports of move or wii controllers flying. This, yeah i guess it could be kinect caused seeing as he was playing when it happened. Mine, not so much.

Projekt7tuning4703d ago

Since when have Insignia TVs been considered "Pricey"? I didn't think BestBuy sold anything cheaper. While I think this is a fabricated story, Kinect did the guy a favor. Now he can get a decent TV.

valanceer4703d ago

Insignia is actually a bestbuy brand and are quite good tv's

Projekt7tuning4703d ago

@ valanceer
Is yours holding up well? What size?

valanceer4695d ago

I have 2, a 19 and a 32 one. the 19 i use as my computer monitor when i upgraded to the 32 inch... my games look beautiful on both screens

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maawdawg4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

In the original article that the guy posted about himself he called himself a moron. They just carried over his title and wording to their story. It isn't like they added it to trash the guy. Follow the clickthru in the posted article to see it.

Still crazy, I can't imagine that many people will manage to do that to their TV.

SmokexFFx4704d ago

There will be a lot more people to do this, Kinect is so engaging, it makes you want to join your avatar in game...even if you have to go through your t.v. to get there.

trancefreak4704d ago

Spekaing of kinect I just was trying to to convinced by gamestop employees that it was the 2nd coming and why its the best thing out there. I tols ya right as a looked @ the demo are which took up about a 1/4 of the stores sq ' and was off. they literally had a cautioned taped area around the tv and motion device. I dont see how long that will last since that is part of the store where they use it for other display items.

The move only needed its small little booth and the magic happens. Btw i just bought my first nave controller.

On another note I asked gamestop how much trade in credit would they give towards a new 360 s. They told me my 360 was worth $40 and the hard drive was 20. I told them to blank off in nice words.

Baka-akaB4704d ago

i'd usually agree , but this is an extreme case of stupidity , and warrant it .

Besides , i wouldnt call kotaku journalists anyway . It's the level of a common blog , only it became bigger

dredgewalker4704d ago

I remembered this happening to someone with a Wiimote before the straps became standard. I would seriously punish myself if I did this to my own hdtv. Since we purchased the Move we always strap it so I don't accidentally launch it at my tv. Poor guy, I hope he can buy another hdtv for a cheaper price.

Narutone664704d ago

charge MS for the damage since he's a moron? /jk

dredgewalker4704d ago

Lol.....its his fault for being a moron and no one else is to blame for that.

badz1494704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

in the US, even morons can win lawsuits!

on a serious note, is he a migdet or something? you have to stand far away from Kinect for it to recognize your whole body, right? how tall is he that he could palying so close and break the TV?

Hideo_Kojima4704d ago

Even if PS Move hits your TV it might hit with the ball which is really soft.

FragMnTagM4704d ago

obviously he was a little tall to smack the chain for the ceiling fan.

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Solidus187-SCMilk4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

I had an old roomate, and although this has nothing to do with motion gaming, who was dumb enought to place his LCD TV face down, and was confused when the screen broke. His mommy just let him charge a new one to the credit card they paid for and he had a new, although smaller, tv the same day.

Lucky for me I dont like motion games at all, Id probably break stuff too.

Im sure peoples shoes will be flying and stuff. Imagine when your friends shoe goes flying into you 50inch hd tv, and you have to ask them to pay 1000$ for a new one. that will put a damper on the kinect party lol.

ChickeyCantor4704d ago

At least he is expressing the way he feels.
As if you aren't agreeing with him.

Gam3s4lif34704d ago (Edited 4704d ago ) the f can u break a tv with kinect....
The whole point of kinect is to stand away from the tv...

lol he must of had a lot of fun...if he broke it...

Kaneda4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

maybe just an excuse to get new 3DTV and Playstation 3 and Killzone 3 next year... All 3 baby!!

cyberwaffles4704d ago was broken from the beginning.

Sayai jin4704d ago

@Skv007 - I agree, but, Common sense is not so common.

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rrw4704d ago

it seem even without controller. you still can destroy tv because of video game

SKUD4704d ago

lol. Still plenty moar to come.

arragion4704d ago


now sad face for me,.. Why did you buy this eye-toy for 150usd,..
get new tv,.. buy ps3 or wii,..