The Last Remnant EGM Scans

Check out these screenshots + info.

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45421254068d ago

I can`t read that, I am not an eagle you know. ;)

Observer4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

you can save the images on your pc, then zoom them in thru any picture viewer.

Observer4068d ago

Let's hope this franchise will live up up to Square Enix's other big franchises ( mainly FF, and DQ ).

ud4068d ago

aaaaah.... good ol square enix games

PlayStation3604068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

"since this game is meant to appeal equally to Japanese and Western audiences, Square-Enix has created two very different protagonists, with one tailor-made for each demographic." Japan gets an 18 year old swordsman "headstrong, spunky, elaborately dressed". Us American get a "brutal antihero... known only as THE CONQUEROR" "... his clothes didn't start out as red... that's from the blood of all the eneimes he has killed."

Wow, is that how the Japanese sees us? I mean yeah, I'm starting to like how the guy sounds, and he looks cool... but that's besides the point. lol

BTW: I'm getting this game first day... period. :P

@observer: "Square Enix won't even confirm if he is playable or not..." there is always a possibility until SE confirms. Here's hoping. Well at least as an unlockable character. Either way, I'm still getting this game, the graphics are killer.

Observer4068d ago

Conqueror is not playable, by the way

jlemdon4068d ago

I'm thinking the PS3 might be the superior version just how darkness was.