G4TV: Feedback - Kinect Edition

Abbie Heppe is back in the hot seat with Kevin Kelly, Dana Vinson, and Jake Gaskill to give you their reviews on the Xbox Kinect. Also, Adam Sessler calls in to give you a summary of the video game violence case in Washington.

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4408d ago
trounbyfire4407d ago

the accelerator and gyroscopes need calibration. You didn't have to calibrate EYE TOY games because its a camera but no one cares. BTW if you 360 has power going in to it kinect is on. SPY MUCH

G4 should just die already. satellite dropped them, their site is a mess, the just started doing podcast and the original people are gone. sess is the only bright spot. alison is not as funny as munn.

they suck X play gets owned by GTTV

Biggest4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

Watching this was a lot like watching Fox News. They were throwing buzz words and phrases around left and right. I'll give anyone one guess as to how they explained Kinect + controller (Microsoft Move) games being implemented. It rhymes with "Crossing a seranade." I slightly enjoyed Feedback a year ago. But they, and G4TV in general, are becoming more and more unreliable. They don't review games truthfully and they borrow their opinions from marketing speak. I know that Microsoft says Black Ops is best played on the 360 (Even Wal-Mart tells me this) and I know that Microsoft feels Kinect is more appealing to the hardcore gamers than hardcore gamers know. Can you tell me the truth now, please?

Edit: The woman with glasses said the calibration was "fun". She enjoyed holding a smiley face card in front of the camera. Either she is the most unhappy woman on the face of this earth, or she was encouraged to say that she had fun holding a card.

ReservoirDog3164407d ago

In the older feedback shows they were a lot more critical of it to be honest. Like they basically called it useless. And even though they said it was fun, they really did end it saying they'll probably never play any of the games again.

Also, feedback is a very good web show, when Adam Sessler's there.

Octo14407d ago

The woman with glasses said the calibration was "fun". She enjoyed holding a smiley face card in front of the camera. Either she is the most unhappy woman on the face of this earth, or she was encouraged to say that she had fun holding a card.

This is when I stopped watching it.

Lifendz4407d ago

Yeah, I hate to throw the Fox News line around because I usually reserve that for the most egregious fanboy sites (e.g. the Bitbag), but this was incredibly biased. On the move episode they basically brought in one person to do all the Move bashing while everyone else got to play naive. Software faults were equated to hardware faults and after ten minutes you'd swear G4 just told you the Move was trash. Oh yeah, in that episode the hired gun even stated "PS3 owners don't know how to check trophies" and something along the lines of trophies are lame because everyone gets one.

I swear, finding an unbiased gaming site is almost as hard as finding an unbiased news site.

Millah4407d ago

I can't stand any of the people on the G4 staff, aside from Sessler. I actually respect Sessler as a gamer, and I think its a shame that he's stuck on a lame network like G4. When he got there, it was actually still a decent network.

But I can't stand the G4 staff in general because they all have such horrible opinons. Yes, they're opinions, but that doesn't mean they can't be misinformed or entirely ignorant.

Syronicus4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

So tell me, what site do we compare Fox news to that makes them look more bias than say... MSNBC? Come on tards, every news site is bias, you simply mock the one that is not your bias...

As for Kinect, it is a joke. Just like Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow or Chris Mathews.

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hakis864407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

Great that they had no problems and were happy with the games.

But having problems setting up PS Move? Not registering? No instructions?
Come on, it's SO EASY.

And that "Sony tried to patch everything, Microsoft built everything form the ground up"?
Well, Sony patches some games - and it works great! Read the reviews people.. And Sony do build a lot of MOVE games from the ground up, hello... So what she says about Sony not doing that is false.

It just get's to stupid when they praise Kinect like this, and diss The move and wii.

As for if people want a controller in their hand or not, that's for people to decide.

Edit: Oh and "it's really works, it does everything they said it would!".
Does it really scan objects yet?

But they do have a point: Kinect is the new Chatroulette - penises everywhere!

Boody-Bandit4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

I was a little set back by them complaining about Move as well. I have a few friends that picked up Move and all of them said it was a breeze to calibrate and it's so accurate. If you knew one of my friends you would know Move would have to be easy to calibrate. The guy barely knows how to send email or switch video inputs on a sound receiver.

Overall they said exactly what I thought about Kinect. It works better than they thought but the games are just novelty games. It's geared toward kids and about the only game (currently) they think is fun for the older crowd is Dance Central. I was surprised to hear that DC is a one player game. Unless I heard wrong or they are mistaken. You would think that the game would be better 2 to 4 players.

They ended the piece with 2 out of 4 wouldn't buy it, 1 would because he buys everything and the other just for the heck of it because she thought it was neat.

Either way it's just opinions. I don't have the room for Kinect. I mean I could easily make room but I prefer not to. Why rearrange your house to game only having to move things back when you're done? My wife is considering getting one but I'm not sure where she thinks she will be able to hook it up. Kinect is basically the death of the coffee table but that's not going to be the case in my house.

StanRaimondi4407d ago

I bought the move bundle and i can say 100% that to calibrate all you do is point and click. Its that simple even when using it to play mag you just point at the targets and click. Why they try to make it seem like its that hard i don't know. Hell my 8 yr old can calibrate it.

Death24944407d ago

I'm telling you now, they all got it for free. That's why neither one of them is bad mouthing it. It was just a Kinect worship show. That guy obviously never had a ps3 or he didn't have his TV on.
"No intstruction"
It's on the screen: Point and press the "Move" button to calibrate.
Everything they said was in complete contradiction to every review i read.
Easy to set up
No problems at all
Fun with Kinect sports
I love how they talk about the video chat feature, where on ps3 you can do 6 people instead of just two.

10thnightvolley4407d ago

she seems pretty happy and glee bout the kinect.

KaiokenKid4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

Anyone else find it funny that they hated the thing like 5 months ago, now they love it? bipolar much? Its ok because I dont think Abbie even owns a PS3

gigaware4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

A lot of media catered to the doubt the hater created in the industry. You will see a lot of magic second opinions that are positive as the consumer masses show the media were being timid, with their wallets. I'm sure there will be reports of people having issues due to putting Kinect in cabinets etc.


The answer to your statement is simple, they knocked it before they tried it. Then (like me) once they actually played it, they were surprised on how well it worked.

Biggest4407d ago

Setting extremely low expectations is a sure way to trick yourself into wasting money. If you take everything that was promised for Kinect (not Natal) at face value, it's a little underwhelming. If you expected Natal, Kinect is a HUGE disappointment. If you expected a HUGE disappointment, you got a pleasantly pedestrian surprise. FOr example:

I thought Freddy vs. Jason was going to be the worst movie ever made. Turns out it was mildly funny. I guess it was pretty okay to me!

MsmackyM4407d ago

Well not all garbage, Ninja Warrior is cool.

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