Rock Band: The next great franchise

Dance Dance Revolution showed that rhythm titles had a life here in the States, but Guitar Hero proved they could also become full blown phenomenons. No one could have guessed it at the time, but Harmonix's musical masterpiece quickly became the most culturally significant video game since Master Chief became a household name.

The success was long overdue for Harmonix, having already shown off their rhythmic chops with the PlayStation 2 favorites Frequency and Amplitude. Teaming up with Konami, they quickly established their dominance of the microphone on this side of the ocean with Karaoke Revolution. With 2005's Guitar Hero, they crafted the perfect blend of boyhood dreams and American rock insanity. The next step was obvious, but how could it possibly be done?

Speaking with Harmonix CEO and co-founder, Alex Rigopulos, Joystiq looks into the history of the great white hope of rhythm gaming and what goes into creating what, if everything goes according to plan, Rockband will be considered one of the greatest rhythm titles of all time. From the challenges of gathering licenses to taking on their own success, this is the story of the next great franchise.

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45421254068d ago

Well that breakes down to whether they can do all the things the game is set out to do, because they have to have guitar and bass at the same level Guitar Hero is, vocals need to be on par with what Singstar can deliver, and the drums need to FEEL like drums and not like some plastic boxes from Toys`R Us.

If they can deliver that, they are set out to do great things. Though if the game feels half-baked, then individual music games is the way to go. ;)

Syko4068d ago

You realize they made both of those games(Singstar and Guitar Hero). Right? Also Guitar Hero III has been built from scratch because Harmonix owns the engine for the game. Therefore Rock band will play more like Guitar Hero than Guitar Hero will. Also the guy in the interview Alex Rigopulos(Harmonix CEO and co-founder) is an avid drummer and has made sure every aspect of drums is as well represented as possible.

This game will own, No question.

Cat4068d ago

yeah, i think rockstar will be even better than guitar hero, no question, b/c it's their engine. the animations already look better, and i'm very confident that they'll get the instruments right. i feel like not only are they making a game to sell, they're making a game they want to play with their friends. that adds up to awesomeness.

Syko4068d ago

Yeah, I will buy GH3. But it is hard not to get the feeling Activision is milking the name for everything it's worth. The game will be fun but Rockband is gonna consume my wallet and all my gaming time. I will for sure test out that new heatsink in my newly refurbished 360. This game might just cause another bout with the 3 magic lights I will play it so much. I mean check out this video! It will take possibly YEARS to learn that!!

Expert Drum Duel:

That note chart is nasty, the pedal work alone would rock my face off! I can't wait for the drums!

Cat4068d ago

yeah, it looks insane!!! RB is definitely taking GH to the next level.