Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Released Today for PS3

Capcom sent over a press release to let Loot Ninja know that Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is available today on the PlayStation Network for $10. The game was released for the Xbox Live Arcade yesterday, and is being released in today's weekly PlayStation Store update on the PS3.

"Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo® HD Remix is now available on PLAYSTATION®Network for $10.00. One of the most addictive games of all time has just gotten better! Capcom's incredibly popular puzzle game is updated for the new generation with newly created 1080p HD graphics, several new games modes, improved game balance, new stage background courtesy of Udon Entertainment, online play and more.

In Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, players compete in intense versus battles of wit and speed. As a linked pair of gems descends from the top of the screen, players move and rotate them to form groups and piles of the same color. By destroying these groups of gems with either a crash or rainbow gem, players can send counter gems to fall onto their hapless rival. When the opponent's screen is filled up and no more moves are available, the player wins the game."

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taz80804066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

I just got the demo on the 360 and wanted to see what this one looked like. Does it also have the updated drop rates? I htink i will get it on the ps3 so i can ::update:: see it using my HDMI cable. You know what I meant, HD in HDMI using an HDMI cable coated in gold at 1080P, from space. hahaha

Ares844066d ago are going to see it in HDMI???? :D your funny!! You want to see it in HD?? ok...HDMI is a cable....

sonarus4066d ago

holy smokes what a psn update. We jst got like 4 demos tiger woods, nascar allpro football and they even gave us a demo for puzzle fighter. Sony is finally coming hard

Syko4066d ago

Why didn't this release yesterday? Do they only update on Thursday for PSN type games?

Anyways, I have to recommend this to everybody. Game is endless fun online and one of the best puzzlers out ever. Pony up the $10 you wont regret it.

drunkpandas4066d ago

The PlayStation Store is updated weekly on Thursdays. It usually shows up around 7pm EST. Maybe in the future Sony will spread out releases, but for now, it's only on Thursday

Syko4066d ago

Cool thanks, I figured that. But I was under the assumption that they just threw stuff on when it was ready. From the stories on N4G that's how it sounded, lol.

Anyways, burn suckers I was playing this yesterday. =P

thereapersson4066d ago

I'm gonna pick this one up off the store as I have been waiting for it for a while now. Good stuff!

LSDARBY4066d ago

I want demos, SKATE would be great

thereapersson4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Apparently, EA has sent the SKATE demo to Sony already, so it's just up to Sony to release it on the store. I think they better hurry up and do so because people are waiting to play it, and it is foolish to hold it when a developer wants it released on the respective network.

Also, before anyone complains about the price of this on the PSN, Sony doesn't mandate pricing on the network; Peter Dille stated in a Game Informer interview that it's up to the individual game companies themselves to set pricing.

heroman7114066d ago

u know what fuc ea. first they fuc up on ps3 saying it cant do 30 fps while 2k sports did it. now they fuc up on 360 and ps3 version of tiger woods. i think we can all say fuc ea.

Cross1134066d ago

What other titles are coming along with this today?

thereapersson4066d ago

but I heard that the online update to Tekken 5 might pop in along with this game. I hope we get a demo or two today along with this. It would be a nice close to August.

Cross1134066d ago

I really hope so, I'm not sure but I think the japan store has that already.

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The story is too old to be commented.