Anatomy of a Fanboy: A Psychological Analysis of Console Gaming's Super Fans

Join as they delve deep into what makes Fanboys tick.

"Fanboy [fan-boi] (n) Technocratic zealots; evangelicals of geekery. Characterized by irrational advocacy of a particular OS, console, company, or franchise.

Console fanboys don't realize that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all create both good and bad products."

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RadientFlux4157d ago

Just what N4G needs a guide to fanboys, a very interesting read by the way

Foliage4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

No kidding, and yes it was a decent read.

HeartlesskizZ4157d ago

great, this is a great read for reasonal people.

"More gaming less flaming"

DG4157d ago

"If this analysis has shown us one thing, it’s that fanboys are sad creatures. Whether over-compensating for their perceived shortcomings or lying to themselves to avoid feeling duped, the life of a fanboy is fear-based and insulated from reality."

And I thought this article was flame bait. It was actually interesting with the references to facts and entertaining because it roasts fanboys.

donalbane4157d ago

Don't forget to click on all the pictures... they link to fairly entertaining youtube movies.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4157d ago

wow, didn't even realize that. thanks for the heads up.

Rooftrellen4157d ago

Nintendo makes bad products? Oh, yeah, Virtual Boy. Actually, what you consider good and bad products could make a company make only good or bad products in your mind without any bias. I don't consider the 360 a good product, because of the high failure rate it had, and I don't have any interest at all in most of their games (like Halo), so, to me, MS doesn't make a good product if we look only at gaming.

But someone else may look at the power of the 360 and love it, and like their games, and think Microsoft doesn't make bad products.

Capcom rarely makes a game I don't enjoy, so I would say they're on the other end for me.

Saying all companies make good and bad products is really misleading, because different people have different ideas of "good" and "bad."

Anyway, this was a good read. I can see where it all comes from, and maybe I like almost all Capcom games because I loved Mega Man? There's some food for thought for me...hmm....

thereapersson4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

I love Sony's products, but as a company they have done some things that have made many consumers feel cheated or misled, one such example being the marketing and promises behind the PS3. However, I am always loyal to the Playstation Brand and have stuck with it since '96. Microsoft has had some shady and underhanded business practices and has never made the most reliable products, but I still think the 360 is a good system and there are actually some games coming out for it that I am highly anticipating. I can't really see much in the way of Nintendo screwing up, although I don't really care for the casual direction they are taking the Wii; I feel like the Wii needs a substantial game library with titles that equate to more than just casual minigames or short gaming sessions. At least i'm glad to see that will improve soon starting with Metroid Prime 3.

edit: glad to see the rabid fanboys disagreeing with my balanced opinion! Good job living up to your asshat title, guys! It would be nice to at least get an explanation as to why people disagree around here, as I always try to back up my choice. But I guess giving phantom fanboys any sort of credit is a mistake...

Kholinar4157d ago

I agree with you. I never press the disagree button. I press agree occasionally when I see a particularly well-reasoned argument on either side. The disagrees only make sense if you're out of posts... but I think most use them just to troll.

Having said all that, here's my argument in your post:

"However, I am always loyal to the Playstation Brand and have stuck with it since '96. Microsoft has had some shady and underhanded business practices"

Yes, Sony makes reliable products, but ethically they're not in any way superior to microsoft. They hurt consumers all the time with draconian tactics. I won't emphasize any, because most people have probably seen my list, but it's lengthy. Reliability is a good reason to support sony, personally I'd lean toward them because there'll be more Japanese titles (unlike the 360)...

thereapersson4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Yeah, I know all companies do underhanded things behind the consumer's back. Maybe I should have worded that differently...

Still doesn't negate the crappy disagreeing without explanation, though. Bubble for you for explaining yourself, however. :)

edit: re-worded original post