Why is Civilization Wii Coming Later?

At Games Convention 2007, Firaxis ran through the latest built for Civilization Revolution, a console-minded version of Sid Meier's classic PC strategy game. Surprisingly, the reinvention really does work, but we wondered why Firaxis announced the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS versions were coming in Spring 2008, while the Wii version was relegated to the Fall season.

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Odiah4066d ago

what would the PC equivalent of wii specs be?

thereapersson4066d ago

I know that my 5 year old PC is faster than a Wii

unsunghero284065d ago

Actually, you'd be surprised.

Consoles and PCs aren't comparable because with all of the background tasks and just the "multipurpose" PCs are much less efficient with their hardware than consoles.

So you might try emulating Super Mario Galaxy on your PC and seeing just how well that works out...

Rooftrellen4065d ago

What? You're waiting for later with the Wii because its going to have to be so different from past Civ games, because the Wii has a pointer style control?

And here I was thinking I was playing Civ 4 with the mouse controlling the pointer...

Seriously, I don't get it. The Wii controls more closely resemble a computer game than any other control system (only the DS would come close). I would think it would be the first one you work on, sense it can be made so much like the Civ games on the computer, with almost exclusivly point and click controls.

Bazookajoe_834065d ago

They are maybe trying to get it to look like ps3 and xbox360 version... Hehehe....Hehe