Family Guy for Xbox 360 Video Marketplace Will be Expensive

Microsoft struck a deal with 20th Century Fox that's giving them the rights to sell the first two seasons of Family Guy on the Xbox 360's Video Marketplace. The shows will be available starting Monday for 160 MS Points each ($2 USD).

Loot Ninja is upset with the pricing. You can buy the Family Guy Volume 1 DVD collection from Amazon for $35. There are 29 episodes included here, which is the first 2 seasons (what will be available for the Xbox 360). Those episodes, if purchased on the Video Marketplace, will run you $58. Makes absolutely no sense to Loot Ninja, but they're sure they'll sell like hotcakes since people will buy anything these days.

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thereapersson4068d ago

The much talked about digital distribution that ms fanboys are raving about Microsoft pushing through is the very thing that will come back to bite them in the end when MS starts pushing more of these high-priced transactions.

ArduousAndy4068d ago

you throw your two cents in make sure you do some research itunes charges the same price for Family guy.

Kholinar4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Actually I don't think itunes has Family Guy, so I'm not sure where you "researched".

Edit: I love how people disagree on this site. Post a link. I'd love to be able to buy family guy on itunes. Provided, of course, that it's the TV show. The soundtrack is the only thing on itunes. Disagree all you want, it just shows that you have no argument.

Keep 'em coming. Seriously, just tell me what section or whatever on itunes. I know it won't happen because it doesn't exist, but I'd think someone would want to do more than throw a fit.

i Shank u4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

i love my 360 but i dont support this. i guess plenty of people do tho

SmokeyMcBear4068d ago

its cool that they have the episodes available, albeit a little pricey. I have the first two season on mp4 and viewable on my psp. It looks crappy on my ps3 though, just might have to rip and encode the dvd's again.

AngryHippo4068d ago

.....Stewie Griffin is a legend.

taz80804068d ago

Stewie FTw!
I admit to having the PSP game and it is actually kinda funny, basic platformer but some of the stuff in it is pretty funny.

fjtorres4068d ago that this is a FOX show.
So FOX has now joined Disney in moving content through Live.
*That* is significant.

As for pricing...?
If you don't like it don't buy it.
But do consider that these are *unbundled* prices; the DVD set "forces" you to buy a whole season even if you only want one episode. Video Marketplace lets you buy the season in installments, one episode at a time. Think of it as buying a car cash upfront vs financing it; financing it is more expensive, isn't it?
Same thing here; the studios don't want you to stop buying DVD, they're just letting you buy the episodes piecemeal and charging a premium for the reailing.

Same thing as buying music tracks versus CDs; the CD can be had for less than buying all the individual tracks in the lower-quality, DRM-ridden versions on the D/L stores. Same here.
Finally, other D/L stores sell *lower* quality, VHS resolution stuff, mostly. Most videos on Video Marketplace are DVD-or-better quality.

Me, I'd rather *rent* TV episodes but realistically, that's the one thing the studios don't want to do. They'd rather sell you the stuff.
And since it is *their* stuff; they call the shots.
For now...

PS360PCROCKS4068d ago

they're expensive but what if you only want to buy a few episodes you know you love? anybody who downloads a whole season of this should get kicked anyways

drunkpandas4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

I agree that it's good to be able to purchase one episode. However, iTunes and other online stores on the PC offer discounted season packages. I'd like to see something like this show up on the Xbox 360 Video Marketplace

Edit: fixed online pricing, per Mr Murda

Mr Murda4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

No, iTunes definitely charges $1.99 per show and $0.99 per song. However, iTunes does have a "buy the season" option, which rivals the cost of most season DVD's.

Edit: No Problem. I wish there was some kind of option to buy a season too for the 360, but that doesn't mean much until I'm able to use it on my PC and Zune too.

drunkpandas4068d ago

Thanks for pointing that out. My bad

Kholinar4068d ago

Actually, the itunes versions are often discounted from the dvd sets.


BSG Season 1: $25 on Itunes, $45 on Amazon
Season 2: $25 on Itunes, $51.99 Amazon
Mini-series: $15 on Itunes, $20.49 Amazon
Lost Season 1,2&3: $35 each on itunes, $42,43,39 Amazon

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