MS: Everybody knows Black Ops plays best on the Xbox 360

GamingBolt: Microsoft is back with another spat of extravagant claims and this time it’s Mircosoft’s Stephen McGill doing the talking while giving an interview to MCV.

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ryuzu4981d ago

Um - surely it plays best on PC.

Still, gotta fund all those 360 "exclusives" somehow...


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darthv724981d ago

As a preferred 360 gamer I have to say that is crap. He obviously has to talk the PR up but I would say it would play best on PC. If not then, PS3 cause of the free online.

plb4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

To be fair, PS3/360 have a bigger COD online community. FPS on PC aren't just what they used to be. I've been mainly using my PC for SC2 and everything else on PS3. The other thing, on PC it's rare that anyone really on your team talks which can make some modes a pain. Also, not really sure how Black Ops will play on PC but atm MW2 on PC is so full of hackers/glitchers it makes the game nearly unplayable, trust me I was just playing a match. I'm likely just going to pick up Black Ops for PS3 this time around.

Redrum0594981d ago

MS has no exclusives to talk about at the moment, so they resort to claiming multiplat games as their own.

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Blaze9294981d ago

Same thing I said below:

You do know MS no longer announces games unless it'll release that same year or within a year? Because you don't "know" anything doesn't mean there aren't exclusives for 2011. Unlike Sony, MS doesn't see the need to announce anything and have you waiting 2+ years for it's release anymore.

So, how's that GT5 wait been? Pleasant? Still care? That's why MS doesn't do that anymore because fans what games now - not later.

poindat4981d ago

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have concrete knowledge that an exclusive is coming rather than be left to sit and wonder if it even exists at all. People are just too impatient and in need of immediate gratification. It's a shame.

mcstorm4981d ago

I have to disagree with people saying MS don't have any exclusives to talk about the 3
60 has had Alan wake splinter cell halo reach fable 3 and has about 10 kinect only games what's the ps3 had in that time nothing. It w
I'll be the same next year for some reason Sony have there games out the 1st half of the year and MS have them the 2nd half

HxCGamer4981d ago

lol you are joking right...

both versions are the same in consoles.
PC runs it better..

The reason it sells more on the 360 is because there is no other games to buy.
I have all consoles and a PC, and I am not interested in buying multiplatforms on the 360 so I am going to be getting no use out of it.

RBlaze4981d ago

... Which controller you prefer!

If you like a mouse and keyboard, PC is best.
Prefer the Xbox pad? 360 is best.
DualShock your fave then PS3 is best.

The quality of COD games has been near indistinguishable over recent years. This means that the 'best' game is the one you feel most comfortable playing... And ofc, if you have more mates playing on a certain format then that has weight too

Gawdl3y4981d ago

PC has community mod support. Therefore, it isn't just about the controls.
Besides, mouse and keyboard is always more accurate than controllers. The people who say gamepads are better do so because: A) They haven't even tried M&K or B) They say so simply because they are console fanboys

Since I own a PS3 and my PC is crap, I'll get the PS3 version. Once I get a better GFX card, however, I'm going with PC.

RBlaze4981d ago

Hmm... In all honesty I haven't used my PC for FPS games since the first Op Flashpoint! But yeah you are right, mods add a chunk to the game... I don't have the knowledge on how much mods can actually do so I wasn't really in the position to mention it!

You missed a point about people who prefer gamepads to keyboards though... Some of us simply used gamepads to game first. For me, I grew up playing FPS games on consoles... So when I attempted to play on mouse and keyboard I struggled to make the switch, so I stuck with the gamepad. I guess to try to get that point across - Imagine learning to play a game with inverted controls... then suddenly starting a non inverted game... Though it would be easy to pick up normally, the fact that you are so used to inverted makes any other style difficult to use.

My original point still stands though I think... Whatever you feel most comfortable playing is the best version... Difference in actual game quality is neglible

evrfighter4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

"Also, not really sure how Black Ops will play on PC but atm MW2 on PC is so full of hackers/glitchers it makes the game nearly unplayable"

you were coming off as a pc gamer until I read this part. Then I realized you were just a console kid playing on a pc.

If you knew anything about the cod community you would have known that they went back to cod4 and cod2.


cod4 minutes played today



the only people left playing mw2 on pc are console kids with a pc that don't know any better. ( i.e YOU)

and bandwagoners.

Highlife4981d ago

i used m&k in the past I just don't like it. So I guess in your little world that makes me a fanboy. Thanks

MasterGuru4981d ago

Everyone knows Final Fantasy 13 plays best on PS3. :)

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4981d ago

And everything else plays better on Playstation 3!

All_4_One4981d ago

That`s a pretty typical excuse I`ve been hearing. This time last year we knew about Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, Crackdown 2, Halo: Reach, Fable 3 and more.

So, Microsoft has suddenly stopped building anticipation for their game lineup? Lol, since when?

RedDeadLB4981d ago

Controls are as good as the person playing. I have always been more precise with a controller than with a mouse. Argument denied.

OsamaOnCrack4981d ago

the reason microsoft doesnt announce exclusives because they got nothing except gears of war 3 now. they cant announce cuz they got none!! haha!!

No Way4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

Just a question.. why do people involve PC when talkin consoles?
Maybe I'm jus smart, but.. obviously every game would be better on PC.
It's basically a moot point, and I don't get it. C'mon now.

As far as PS3 and x360, it's best where your friends are.

STONEY44981d ago

"on PC it's rare that anyone really on your team talks"

What? On consoles, maybe two or three people have mics, and they loooove spamming their music or have terrible quality. On PC, there's usually over 8 people with mics, who aren't 8 year old annoying kids. And even the ones who don't have mics always use text chatting, which is alot more convenient on PC then it would be on consoles.

gaden_malak4981d ago

"You do know MS no longer announces games unless it'll release that same year or within a year?"

I'm sorry but how do you even know this?

Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, Too Human were all massive delays, Gears 3 has been delayed. Halo Reach was set to be released in May 2010 and was delayed until September.
What proof do you have?

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IHateYouFanboys4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

apart from the odd game here and there, Microsoft announce their exclusives (first party and MGS published) about 6-12 months before their CONCRETE release date. Sony announce a game before it even hits the planning stages, meaning they take upwards of 2-3 years from the announcement. they often dont even have a name, just 'project something or other'.

Gears of War 2: announced at E3 2008 (June 2008), released less than 6 months later (November 2008).
Forza 3: announced at E3 2009 (June 2009), released less than 6 months later (October 2009).
Left 4 Dead 2: announced at E3 2009 (June 2009), released less than 6 months later (November 2009).
Halo 3: ODST: announced October 2008, released less than 12 months later (September 2009).
Crackdown 2: announced at E3 2009 (June 2009), released just over 12 months later (July 2010).
Halo Reach: announced at E3 2009 (June 2009), released just over 12 months later (September 2010).
Ninja Gaiden 2: announced at TGS 2007, released less than 12 months later (June 2008)

This is the way Microsoft do it. Sure, there are only a few announced 360 exclusives at the moment - but we have this conversation every year, and every year the PS3 fanboys dont learn. at E3/TGS in 2011 theyll no doubt announce a PGR5, Forza 4, possibly the first 343 Halo game, and a few others throughout the year. its just how they work.

is it a better way of announcing exclusives? IMO yes, it is, because if i dont know something exists i wont waste any time thinking about how much i want it and wanting to get new info. if the day they released GT5 they announced GT6 for 2012, you wouldnt enjoy GT5 as much because youd always be thinking 'ooh its only 2 years til GT6 and its gonna be better than this'.

maybe thats just me, having grown up in the time where you wouldnt even know about a game until it hits the shelves due to the internet not being widely spread, and developers not having to rely on fanboy hype to sell their games, im fine with just sitting back and relaxing until games come out. i dont need to know every little detail years in advance, im happy just to see a new game a few months before release.

oh and i dont really think PS3 fanboys should be laughing at the 360s 2011 exclusive list after this year. how many big PS3 exclusives have launched in the last 6 months? been a fair amount of time between drinks in that regard. the 360 had Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Halo Reach, Splinter Cell Conviction, Fable 3, Crackdown 2, Metro 2033, Perfect Dark (im counting it since PS3 fanboys count the Sly Cooper Collection), etc. whatd the PS3 have? God of War 3, MAG, Heavy Rain, and Mod-Nation Racers?

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IHateYouFanboys4981d ago


what part of "ABOUT 6-12 months" dont you understand? 14 months is *about* 12 months, as its <20% leeway.

Halo Recon was announced when i said it was. Crackdown 2 was announced when i said it was. you are 100% wrong.

theres a difference between ANNOUNCED and STARTED DEVELOPMENT ON. a game is announced when the developer/publisher wants to announce it, not when development starts lol.

and if you didnt realise - which you clearly didnt - i was only going back to the last 2-3 years. the 360 came out in 2005, im not going back all the way to 2005 to find announcement dates and release dates. do it yourself if you want.

"PS3 has alot more higher quality exclusives at this point when you look at games over 80+ metacritic score."

thats actually a common misconception. the 360 actually has more higher rated exclusives than the PS3. the PS3s AVERAGE is higher though, because the 360 has MORE exclusives so it brings the average down.

ie. say the 360 has 100 games, 50 of which are 99/100 and 50 of which are 40/100. the average is 69.5/100.

say the PS3 has 50 games, 30 of which are 99/100 and 20 of which are 40/100. the average is 75.4/100.

so looking at that, you think the PS3 is better because it averages higher. but youre failing to take into account that if you throw away the rubbish games from BOTH the PS3 and 360, youre left with 50 awesome 360 games, and only 30 awesome PS3 games. so despite the better average on the PS3, the 360 has more great games.

this is what its like on Metacritic. if you dont believe me, go work it out yourself. better yet, get your parents to do it ;)

number474981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

#1, Alan wake was announced when? Exactly... and it was reduced to non-sandbox dlc floppetry...

#2, Too human?

#3, Warhounds

#4, Huxley..'ZOMG 100 vs 100' - themart@xboxkings.

Do i need to go on?

#5, that Zombie Island game..

All the GT5 smack talk needs to stop considering these games have all been part of the 360's "lineup"

theres 1 gt5(the driving worlds most anticipated game release that is allowed to tell SONY 'its ready when its ready' and whose demo sells more than the Forza3 retail release..) compared to a laundry list of things MS has announced, that never have even made it to a game show.

MS has no new AAA franchises/games. You might as well count the 900 JRPGS's released that all got 1/10's as I type in the list of quantity over quality. Even the releases that take forever, come out and flop Alan Wake/Splinter Cell/Banjo Kazooie, etc.

So really, lets stop. Sony makes quality games, theres a laundry list of them coming down the line. GT5 is the only GT5 in the world, its hardly the rule. They delay games due to quality, Microsoft charges you for online & 'dlc' that couldn't fit on the buggy disc to begin with. None win the most awards of a game since Half Life 2 on pc either.. none push technological boundaries for next gen as well, they all just rely on the UnderwhelmEngine1.2

You have to hop in a Time machine to enjoy Microsofts 'aaa' games & exclusive lineup since they are all on the PC/PS3 now. Aren't you all supposed to be playing Dance Central now anyway? Since MS abandoned the core 360 owners?