Keeping The PS3 Afloat - Sony's Only Option

Opinion: For almost fifty years, Sony has been synonymous with prominence. Whenever people went to the store looking for a shiny new gadget, one of the first products they looked at was from Sony.

But in recent years, Sony's strong branding and overall control over the consumer electronics industry has dwindled. And while it still performs well compared to its competition, Sony is not the guaranteed winner that it was in years past.

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AngryHippo4068d ago

i just purchased warhawk but i can't connect to any says the server is full....but it isn't. The message pops up for every server i try and connect to even the ones that have one person. Any suggestions....please help, im dying to play this game.

XxZxX4068d ago

i had the same problem during beta. It turn out to be my firewall. I forgot which port it is but after open it up. It's good to go. Try put your PS3 in DMZ first. If it works then you know your router firewall is blocking it.

tplarkin74068d ago

Warhawk is to PS3 as MechAssault is to Xbox 1 (at best). MechAssault was a great multi-player game for Xbox owners, but it wasn't a system seller.

Bigmac5734068d ago

The PS3 games are only getting better as time goes on.

actionjackson4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

but this author is centering everything on the Playstation, which is completely the wrong way to characterize Sony. Sony is the Apple of the mass market. Sony products aren't limited to the PS3, BR, or Viao notebooks. Last I checked, they are one of the mass market leaders in TVs, car audio, home entertainment, movies, etc. Yes, the whole world knows you pay a premium for Sony products, but like Apple, you get quality and cutting edge technology. People need to stop this Sony bashing, because without Sony's competition with the industry, we would be years behind the technology we have now.

Second, this author doesn't take into account that the PS2 is still selling more than the x360, which is a huge chunk of the market. Once the PS2 sales start to fall, the only direction the PS3 goes is up. This is actually a great move on behalf of Sony. They will always make money even if the PS3 has "started slow" (which I don't believe at all - I think the PS3 is doing great considering the gigantic advances in technology it is utilizing). The mass market is fairly ignorant and they don't understand the technical things in the PS3, but when "High-Def" becomes the major player for the masses, guess who will be sitting there waiting to push their HD console. Most people don't even know what Blu-Ray is and it's winning. Just wait until they figure out what the PS3 can offer . . .

Foliage4068d ago

Wow actionjackson, you nailed it. Well done.

SofaKingReetodded4068d ago

I stopped reading the idiotic article when he said "bluray is in dire straits"... if that's so does that mean that HD-DVD is deader than dead?

sounds like an xbot trying not to sound like an xbot to me.

drtysouf214068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Sony has shown with the PS1 and PS2 what they are capable of. It took several years for people to look at Sony as Console Leader yet it takes 9 months to say they aren't or that they are failing. Why are people so short sighted these days? This console war is far from over but people act like it was over the day the PS3 was released. This war has just begun. For its high price and slow start of top notch game releases it still has managed to sell decent. So what happens when the price goes down and the top notch games come out? Price and Games are the only deterrent and both have partially been fixed.

SofaKingReetodded4068d ago

this just goes to show you how vile, unsporting and generally weasel like xbots and their minions are. They get a tiny lead because they rushed the console out a year earlier and ever since the PS3 came out it's been one big chorus of idiots proclaiming it's doom.

two things:

You NEVER!!!!! compete with japanese electronics

YOU NEVER EVER!!! compete with the best Japanese electronics company and that is you know who....Sony.

You can bet money that there are hidden suprises in the PS3's hardware that they haven't even let out of the bag just yet.

Irving4068d ago

Sony and Playstation brand isn't in as dire state as the article pictures. Remember 360's sales in July/Aug'06 were lackluster as well with crappy ports. Give it six more months, I'm sure they can pull it back together.

pilotpistolpete4068d ago

Yeah, ps3 aint going nowhere.

"Sony is not the guaranteed winner that it was in years past."

I beleive both ps1 and ps2 were supposed to loose according to sites like this. Now both are over 100 million.

Don Reisinger, do you really get paid to say stuff like this? Man, re-evaluate the worth of your job.

Rooftrellen4068d ago

One big reason that I see that the PS3 is likely to fail is from a site...this one. It seems PS3 fanboys love to say the 360 will fail, and if you look at 360 and PS3 sales worldwide, they're following much of the same trend. The PS3 is to the PAL regions as the 360 is to NA. It seems if the 360 is failing, the PS3 has the same fate comming in one year, with neither being strong in Japan, and each having their strong area.

That being said, I don't buy it at all. Sony gambled much more, because if bluray falls so does the PS3, but so long as there are still come movies for it, even if not exclusivly, it's a card they can play.

witchking4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

We're still in the early stages of this war. All the players have their pros and cons, but frankly I think Sony has to like where they are. Not love it, mind you, but at least like it.

Let's review.

1. The Wii. Yes, the Wii is selling faster than they can make them. HOWEVER, in 2009 all the TVs in the US have to accept a digital signal, and the Wii is not an HD device. So are the Wii games going to look like ass on your shiny new widescreen HDTV? Nintendo souped up a Gamecube, threw their motion waggling thing on there, and targeted casual gamers and grannies... and it worked!! Great for them. Wonderful. They'll see 75m of the things in 3 years... and then what? They're gonna need a Wii2 that has graphics juice in it sooner rather than later. I just see the Wii as being the stop-gap for Nintendo.

2. The 360. In terms of high tech gaming, it has the lead. But not as big a lead as it should have had considered 1, it's lower price and 2, it's superior (at this point anyway) software lineup. If I'm MSFT, I'm a little nervous right now. The RROD issue has caused a backlash in their reputation, regardless of the 3-year warranty. The 360's customizability means that it will be around longer than the original Xbox, and it's early install base success means that more publishers are going to support it. I see the 360 eventually being more successful than the original Xbox, but at the end of the day they're going to be behind Nintendo.

3. That leaves the PS3. A sharp machine. It does great things. Blu-Ray may not win but it has a good portion of the market share. The software is coming (Warhawk & Heavenly Sword, at least, appear to be above most of the fray; jury is still out on Lair). But there's other stuff coming, and more importantly, this stuff is using the motion controller. So there's a little Wii to it, but it has the graphics. The Cell processor might be difficult to program to, but Sony fully expects the PS3 to be selling in 9 years (even if a PS4 is out by then). Let's not overlook that the PS2 is still outselling the 360 in most weeks, even a year after the PS3 was released.

So what does this all mean? To me, PS3 has started slowly, but don't forget the Tortoise and the Hare. The Wii is the hare; out fast, but they're gonna peter out, mostly because at some point people are going to need a stronger Wii to support HD. Not sure where the 360 sits in this proverb... a hare-toise? Sort of in-between... and that might be exactly where they wind up when all the numbers are finally tallied... in 2017.

Ugly American4068d ago

A DIGITAL signal does not equal an HD signal. Trust me. I have digital cable, and it looks like crap, unless I turn it to the HD channels. This move to digital signals will not affect the Wii.

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