BD Sales Reach the 250,000 Milestone in Europe ; Sony announces new titles

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment today announced that the company's Blu-ray Disc sales across Europe have reached 250,000 while sales in North America are nearing the one million mark approaching the fourth quarter with the Blu-ray launch of the highly anticipated blockbuster Spider-man 3 and Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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MrSwede4157d ago

I´ll read it once more...mmmmm...good news...good news. No seriously that is some good news for Blu-Ray.

nasim4157d ago

and so is ps3


PimpHandHappy4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

shame i cant see what that doosh said up top there! I bet he bashed Sony!


Yea anything that puts Sony in a good light it seems MS 360ppl want to get harsh and say its all junk!

cant wait for Close Encounters of the Third Kind!



DJ4157d ago

This is great news. =]

TriggerHappy4157d ago

Today is been blu-ray news all day, with the announcement abuot Acer going exclusive and this. Good for ray.

Xbox360Fanboy4157d ago

that's just great news for Sony. Way to go Sony. I will be cheering up for Sony. Sony go sony go!!!

Blu-ray will be the winner of the format war unless something weird happen.

Still blu-ray is top over HD DVD.

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