Capcom Talks Zack & Wiki

The traditional point-and-click PC adventure genre has been given somewhat of a reboot thanks to the DS and now Wii, due to their innovative control mechanisms. One such game is the highly anticipated Zack & Wiki from Capcom, a game that has been receiving positive attention from all sectors of the media and deservedly so. Cubed³ recently caught up with the development team to discuss the game, its future and the likelihood of a DS edition, plus more.

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MK_Red4070d ago

I'm really worried about this game. It's a cool adventure in vein of classic PC point-n-click games but many are dismissing it because of childish look and Wii appearance.

Odiah4070d ago

So it has nothing to do with the horrible horrible name?

I could come up with a better name for it with stuff I can see right now.

"Ice Cream Speaker Mouse!"

There you goooo.

Rooftrellen4070d ago

I really hope this game does well, because it looks really goos so far. I just fear the "hardcore" gamers will never give it a chance, leaving it with low sales. I'm looking forward to it though, and I hope it does well enough to make it to the DS!