Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles - Hexus gets Hands-on with Wii Zapper

It's Resident Evil, but not as we know it. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles bears some of the trademarks of the ever popular survival horror game series, but the game has been totally revamped to take advantage of the Wii-mote's motion sensing capabilities and perhaps more excitingly, the Wii Zapper. Hexus.gaming had the good fortune to spend some time with Capcom behind the scenes at the Games Convention in Leipzig and go hands-on with the action shooter.

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PS360WII4069d ago

Short preview but sounds good. I always like House of the Dead series and of coarse Resident Evil. Glad the Wii Zapper 'feels' good in the hands and there are other games coming out that'll make use of it too.

4069d ago